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A Balancing Act

Relevance: 91%      Posted on: October 2, 2012

They put the fun in funambulism. Tightrope walking is from the Latin words funis (rope) and ambulare (walk). The art was practiced in ancient Egypt and first century China where “rope dancing” was performed over knives stuck in the ground, pointing upward. In North America, funambulism was taken to new…

Act Your Age

Relevance: 83%      Posted on: September 16, 2012

In one area I am delighted our practice has not caught up with what we preach. It has to do with how we treat others in light of some of the things we have said the Bible teaches. I am eager to search for truth in the Bible, but I…

Arizona Governor Considers Religious Protection Act

Relevance: 79%      Posted on: February 22, 2014

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer says she will review a bill that would allow business owners to cite their religious beliefs as legal justification for refusing service to perspective customers.

IRS: $20,000 Per Year Per Family for Cheapest Obamacare Plan

Relevance: 22%      Posted on: February 2, 2013

What is hypocritically named, the "Affordable Care Act," is quickly being realized and even promoted as anything but affordable. Now, according to a final regulation put in place on Wednesday, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says that the cheapest health insurance plan under Obamacare for a family will cost $20,000…

A Texas Minister Set Himself On Fire And Died To ‘Inspire’ Justice

Relevance: 12%      Posted on: July 2, 2015

One Monday in June, 79-year-old Charles Moore, a retired United Methodist minister, drove to Grand Saline, Tex., his childhood home town some 70 miles east of Dallas. He pulled into a strip mall parking lot, knelt down on a small piece of foam and doused himself with gasoline. Then, witnesses…

Suicide Is Not The Answer

Relevance: 10%      Posted on: November 21, 2012

Pain, sorrow and depression is often used, I believe, by the enemy to lead people in addictive behaviors to a point where they seriously consider taking their own lives. While steeped in my addiction to Internet Porn there were times that I became very depressed. I felt hopeless. I also…