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David Sherron

David Sherron

David is currently a Regional Account Executive with an Atlanta-based Pharmaceutical company, and a writer specializing in Christian subject matter of various types and topics. David has a BS degree in Mass Communication from Bradley University (Peoria, IL), and an MBA from the University of Indianapolis. David and his wife, Marya, are raising two boys - Theo (14) and Dylan (4) – in the Indianapolis area.

David has founded, organized, and ran several ministries over the years - ranging from a faith-based ex-offender reentry program (Amnesty Oasis Commission, Inc.), to a Christian organization designed to purchase cloths and toys for needy children in the Indianapolis area (Christian Outreach Foundation), to a 30 day spiritual transformation program (the IFA Program).

In his spare time David conducts weekly spiritual devotionals for a group of men on Saturday mornings, leads and participates in various local men’s ministries, and is busy completing his first book. David also enjoys traveling and spending quality time with his family, and engaging in various outdoor activities.

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