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Apologetics Forum Primary Rules
« on: Mon Jul 02, 2012 - 07:22:51 »
This forum is for Apologetic type discussions and not for subjects that you usually have to apologize to someone for getting involved with.

I have had to move quite a few posts out of here dealing with all kinds of subjects from End Times to General theology forum and even the Catholic forum.

If you thread gets moved go look in a more appropriate forum for your discussion. (like theology forum)

If your thread was moved...ask yourself "what general subject heading could my discussion have fallen under?"
If it wasnt a proof of God's existence then it likely was moved.

Online today there are pictures and websites of ancient ruins of biblical cities and photographs of ancient manuscripts and all kinds of proofs of the Bible and ancient civilizations all over the place. Lets discuss those things here. Not whether OSAS is a proper theology or not.