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An Ode to Cain" and "I was to be a king"
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                                                         AN ODE TO CAIN

                                                  A son of Adam, a fallen man,
                                              conceived in sin, cast from the land 
                                                  All hope lost, a mark to bare,
                                            for a murderous deed, is God really fair
                                                  The land of Nod, before him lies
                                        to wander the earth, will God hear his cries?

                                           Oh, son of Adam, if to God thou will turn
                                          Salvation is yours, tis better than to burn

                                       To all ye rebels, who against God choose to be
                                         He showed you his love, His sacrifice Lamb
                                                         has set you free

                                         If you will only turn from your sinful ways
                                           God's wrath will be stilled, and at your feet
                                                            salvation will lay
                                         For Yeshua is Salvation revealed, for his Holy
                                                          Arm is not concealed.
                                          On Calvary's tree, He gave up his life, to set
                                                                  men free.

                                           The Passover Lamb, His blood did he shed
                                                  For all of our sins, he willingly bled.
                                            To die without Christ is death eternal for all.
                                           For all like Cain, without God, without hope,
                                                  the fires of Hell will be the final call.
                                          And there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

                                                I WAS TO BE A KING (Exodus 12:29)


                                                            I WAS TO BE A KING

                                   a king that would have governed the Upper and Lower Nile,
                                A pharaoh of Great Egypt, a mighty and powerful king indeed.

                                                             I WAS TO BE A KING

                               Yet the children of Israel did lift up their voices, and to their God
                            they did sing, a song of salvation, to be free of Egypt's bonds, a song
                                                              of ransom did ring.

                                                             I WAS TO BE A KING

                            and their God did strike a mighty blow, and to mighty Egypt he
                                did show, that the gods of the Nile would meet their woe. 
                             For Ra is no more, and Osiris false, and the power of Amun for
                            aught, Anubis is dead, and Bastet powerless to fight, and Hathor
                          ruleth not the night.  Ptah is but a memory, and just falsity is Set.
                                  For they were all brought down by the plagues of ten.
                         Moses lifted up his staff, and pestilence did he send, by the great I AM.

                                                       I WAS TO BE A KING

                     In my father's stead, I would rule, when he would enter the world of the dead.                             
 Yet I was taken, and my years were but three, when the Angel of Death
                                            did visit the first born of Egypt indeed.
                           My father did indeed set Israel free, yet pursued them in folly, for he
                                            and his army were swallowed up by the sea.

                                                        I WAS TO BE A KING

                    Yet now I worship the KING most high, the Great I AM, El Elyon, Adonai,
                                               the Great and only God, El Shaddai.
                                 The one who was, is, and always will be, is KING indeed.
                    He is King and ruler of all, for all creation, into life, by his words did he call.
                    For my eternal home is now in His kingdom, and fellowship with Him do I
                                                          have forevermore.
                 For eternity with Him is mine to behold, together with the angels and the saints
                                                                     of old.
                    Now, my knees I do bow, before my mighty King, and Psalms of praises to
                                                          Him, forever, I will sing.   
                                                     First born Son of Pharaoh

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An Ode to Cain" and "I was to be a king"
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