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Faith Of The Heart
« on: Mon Dec 30, 2013 - 20:40:57 »
Faith Of The Heart

The heart gets lonely without you, with an empty feeling
That won’t go away until you replace my sin with your sacrifice
Only then will I be reborn to be made with nothing missing

Faith of the heart will carry us to where you are and our pain be no more
Faith of a child will keep us walking in the trust with our hands connected
Even though the turmoil in this world makes us cringe and beg your return

We know you have your plains set in motion and in you we’ll Trust
Even though storms are coming, but its us your sending as your rescue
After all we’re the coast guard to help those already shipwrecked

Faith of the heart will be our open channel to the one walking on water
Faith of a child will give us courage to abandon our boats and walk on too
Even through the storm that crashes the waves of life around us

We know you’re the refuge, our strength and shield, no reason to fear
We’ll trust your promises in psalm 27 and 91 even when things happen
Oh Lord we’ll trample the serpent that tries to get in our way

Faith of the heart will keep us hungry for righteousness with humility
Faith of a child will help us see when we walk through the darkness
Even though God’s promises will hold, Satan will try to break us

We know Jesus long as your here the prince of darkness will fail
This is why we’ll sing praises knowing the victory is ours if we believe
Just have to hold on until He comes back to reclaim His throne

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Faith Of The Heart
« on: Mon Dec 30, 2013 - 20:40:57 »