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In His Time
« on: Thu Mar 29, 2018 - 20:55:59 »
In His Time

 His star shone bright for all to see
The world in bonds He would set free
In His time the Romans ruled
A rod of iron and deeds so cruel

From Eden’s tree the serpent came
Tempting Him to call his name
But He had come to see his end
And from his fate to save all men

His fame had spread so far and wide
Faithful men stood by His side
But from the flames came men of shame
And with their lips they cursed His name

And so these men pierced His skin
And caused His fame to fall again
Then on God’s altar, a dying son
Alone, He knew His work was done

Written 2017. Given by the Spirit to be shared with all but claimed by none. All praise and glory belong to Him.

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In His Time
« on: Thu Mar 29, 2018 - 20:55:59 »