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Medical game (my poem)
« on: Tue Aug 18, 2020 - 06:11:22 »
Maze, white tread, fabric from the streets,
In the city of your heart i was the prince and priest,
Now i am scared like a little kid,
The dragons aliens around like to eat,
Passions what destroy our first love and friendship,
Flames dark on the houses open own pale wings,
Help arrive maybe by rain of tears,
Do you understand i have not three cheeks,
When i feel on my face your fist,
But without any evil was our promises by rings,
And marriage's kiss,
Why now we play this mortal tennis?,
Dame Death train Eve like a lesbian missis,
It is the idol of your narcissism,
Your parasitic fix,
I stay with my dignity before you on my knees
No, no, no, suicide not, please!
The medicine like my alternative gift
For you who are sick
And against this "malign desease"...

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Medical game (my poem)
« on: Tue Aug 18, 2020 - 06:11:22 »