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short story the angel with the sword
« on: Sun Jan 05, 2014 - 08:01:45 »
An angel was called to come and visit the Lord, as it rested itself by his feet a sword was placed on his right shoulder.  The Lord said to him “I give you this blade it is made of light and mercy and was tempered by the spirit. Whomever it enters shall be given the choice to enter into my kingdom, for it is my will. The angel then found itself on earth where he was confronted by an unclean spirit. The angel immediately thrust the sword through the spirits heart and a tear began to fall from its eyes. The angel let go of the hilt and stood gazing at the weeping spirit, he then closed his eyes and was again before the Lord. “My Lord why oh why are we at the gates to you kingdom have I wronged you, please I beg of you please have mercy on me”. The lord put his hand on the angels head and with his other he pointed towards the gate. The angel looked up their stood the unclean spirit still with tears in its eyes and the sword through its heart. The Lord spoke, I offer you my mercy, I have delivered you from your father, do you see now the error of your ways”. The unclean spirit trembled and fell to its knees. The gates were opened by saint peter who then called out his name and lifted the now clean spirit to his feet.  Praise be to the Lord

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short story the angel with the sword
« on: Sun Jan 05, 2014 - 08:01:45 »