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Two trees, Two seas (poetry and prose)
« on: Wed Jan 17, 2018 - 18:52:46 »
TWO TREES., TWO SEAS (poetry and prose)   by J. Ben Avraham

There were two trees, created by God, created and placed in a garden so long, long, ago.
These two trees, to Adam and Eve, did God indeed show.
One was forbidden, and one was to give life, yet through disobedience, Adam and Eve, chose
The wrong tree, and from that tree they did indeed eat, bringing forth to the world sin and strife.
Accursed were they, from eating from the forbidden tree, and from their garden home, they had
To flee .

But there is the other tree, the tree of Life, and from that tree will come the end of sin and strife.
For on a cross of wood, was Messiah nailed, and some would say, that the crossbeam of wood, was
Nailed to a tree, a tree on top of Calvary. So, the tree of death became the Tree of Life, and eternal
Life is indeed bestowed, to all who wish to leave behind sin and strife, through the sacrifice of life,
Of Messiah Yeshua, who gave his up, for all to give eternal life.

There are two seas, one that is a sea of death, the other a sea of life. Both created and placed in the
Land of Zion, so long, long ago. One is called “Yam Galil” the Sea of Galilee, the Sea where Yeshua
Walked and nearby to the people He did talk. The sea where Peter fished, whose life was changed,
Who became a fisher of men. This sea is alive, it gives life, and in it, life strives, as it receives its
Waters from the River Jordan, and gives its waters to the Sea of Salt.

Yet the Sea of Salt, is a sea of death, as it has no outlet, it only receives and gives life not. Not a fish
Swims in the Sea of Death, a reminder of the days of Sodom and Gomorra, the cities of sin, and
God rained down fire and brimstone upon these two cities, and these waters, which might have
Been, at one time alive, now lay dead, a sea of salt, of minerals, yet void of life.

We are alive, when we receive and then give, receive and give again. Blessings received should be
Be blessings given, to whom that receives is expected to others give in return. Tis better to be like
The Sea of Galilee, then to be like the Dead Sea. Two seas, one of death one of life. Only you can
Choose how you will live your life.

by J. Ben Avraham


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Two trees, Two seas (poetry and prose)
« on: Wed Jan 17, 2018 - 18:52:46 »