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You Are Free
« on: Mon Sep 12, 2016 - 18:14:02 »
You Are Free

I am vested in the crumbs of society
The fallouts from the Bread of Life
I am the Bread of Life
The bread of peace, love, compassion
The bread of unbarred atonement, relentless redemption,
Revelations made passable through the blood of
My body,
Which opens up new doorways, new doorways
Unblocked, unbolted and unburdening.

I say it is finished,
That the yearning for a new freedom,
The freedom of the soul, rather
Than of the body,
Is paid for and made reachable to both those
Who deem themselves unworthy
And to those who are laden with self-righteousness.

I tell you the truth-
You are far from worthless;
In fact, you are
My masterpieces,
The soul center of my affection,
The reason why I gladly trade
My easy yoke for your sorrows
And millstones.

So now you can sing,
“From every mountainside, let freedom ring!”
So now you can sing,
“I’ve a Saviour in the Kingdom,
Ain’t that good news…”

For this blood I shed is thicker
Than wine, and sin, and death
And it covers you. Indeed,
It covers all breaches
Of holy law—
Laws that brought forth condemnation.

But I bring forth life
And life to the abundance, life
Brimming to the edge with joy, life
The Father is doing a new thing
Do you not perceive it?

There are those who claim
That there is no freedom in me
But I assure you, the freedom you
Receive from The Father
Will make you free from the inside
Freed from yourself.

And you won’t be free
As how the world sees freedom,
But the freedom will align
Your will
With His will
And that is free indeed.

The King of Jacob, the God of Solomon,
The Glory of Glories that has been
Probed and debated
By the children of his making
Has sent me to make all things
And alive.

So be at rest,
And rest assured that I would hear the cries
Echoing through the toilsome hills
And I would watch over the cottonmouthed sparrows
And the anxious souls
Waiting to be filled;
I would watch over you.

For I am who I say I am,
I keep my promises, I am a man
Of my word,
Because I am The Word,
And from the same breath that spoke those words,
You have been breathed into life

So you are mine
You are loved
And now you are free.

Written by Anh Luu
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You Are Free
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