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something new
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                          I will do something new. I will do a new thing.

I had a very clear vivid dream/ vision recently, I saw an arcangel in a stone church, he was swinging a metal ball on a chain., and smashing it into the wall, at first I thought it was satan,
I asked the Lord if it was, he said no, I said , Michael, the Lord said no its Gabriel, he was tolled to stop, Gabriel’s reply was, I can not stop, Gabriel then walked out of the front of the church, he was given a dark piece of wood, 2/3 feet high, 6 inches square, he hit the piece of wood, with the metal ball, into the distance, then walked of after it , to repeat the process, to horizon to horizon, I asked the Lord, what did this mean, the Lord said, the churches just cannot stop doing the same things over and over again, instead of doing something new.

When lighting strikes. Some thing to I would like to share with you, for your consideration, its hall marked, and out of the fire.

In the nick of time,  perfect timing.
Standing on the shore of Lake Victoria, which is the size of England, we were watching an electrical storm over the lake, bolts of lighting, sheet lighting, electrical storms in Africa, are quite impressive.
On the other side of the lake, genocide was taking place in Rwanda, it was like the abyss had been opened, the slaughter was relentless, my spirit roared within me, at those inflicting such barbarism on women, children the elderly, some dancing with a fiendish delight, in their victims blood.
The Lord revealed to me, Johnny the sword is out in Africa, the sword is out in the middle east, the sword is out in the far east and the sword is out in Europe, the Storm is Coming, as Christians we know it is the eleventh hour, in Westminster abbey in the united kingdom, there is a sword, when this nation is at war, the sword is symbolically drawn from its sheave I know it was the  Lord speaking to me, as in my spirit I was surprised when the Lord said the sword was out in Europe, I could understand, the sword being out in Africa, the middle east, the far east, but nothing was happening in Europe, not long after my return, it seemed the evil that had manifested it self in Rwanda, had moved to the Balkans, Bosina, and we had mass graves in Europe.
It is also written, The sword of the Lord is out, flashing like lighting from east to west,
Polished for slaughter, judgement.
When lighting strikes, just after returning from Africa, it was a Sunday afternoon, people were having picnics, I was walking with friends through thetford forest, which is near mildenhall, and lakenheath home to the American airbases, in Norfolk, the united kingdom. I was thinking about the thousands of people at that very time, trying to flee through the forests in Rwanda to avoid being  massacred.
With out warning, there was a flash of light, then this almighty bang, for a split second you could have thought, one of the bases had been hit by a nuclear  missile, then the heavens just sounded like they were being torn apart, this electrical storm, ragged across east anglia, there were pictures of the lighting of Yarmouth, in the eastern daily press, Diss town football club, my home town, had won the vase cup, at wemberly, London, the day before, everyone was in the town, to welcome the team back.from the match  on the Saturday,which was being shown on television also on the Sunday afternoon, just as diss were about to kick of, Taccleston mask was struck by lighting, and all the televisions in Norfolk blacked out, the Lord reminded myself, the unexpected, when least expected.When lighting strikes.
My mother who runs a childrens home in Kenya for street children, if you put covenant home kisumu Kenya , into your search engine, will bring up the web page,
Just before all the trouble in Kenya, 2008, my mother met a man who had come from America, so troubled by a dream he had had, in the dream, he had seen, been shown the streets of Kenya running with blood, he went to Kenya to warn anyone who would listen, friends, churches. What he saw, came to pass.
We recently heard my mother is under investegation, and she has been warned not to return to Kenya, during the violence in Kenya, my mother remained, with over 200 children in her care, many other street children  came to seek refuge, though people were killed all around her, places burnt and looted, no one touched covenant home,
Even her vehicle was allowed to pass by the mobs, who would open up and allow her through, other vehicles were stopped, stolen. Burnt out, people beaten or killed.
My mother witnessed police executions, were the crowd was moved away, then individuals or small groups that had been rounded up were shot.
Also it was members of the presidents tribe, who carried out most of the killings in kisumu, my mother has spoken out about this, so to return the compliment, false charges have been made by members of the presidents tribe, that the reason her childrens home, was not touched, was that she was in league with criminal gangs,
Most judges, special branch, police, are members of the presidents tribe, people disappear daily in kenya on corrupt evidence.
God brought her out just at the right time, before the trap could close.   
I was walking through the streets of Kampala, with a man called Abraham, he asked me is there any thing I should know ?, in that moment, I thought of Abraham in the old testament, asking the same question, before he was tolled of the coming destruction, of Sodom and Gomorrah. We need to ask the Lord the same question.
I tolled Abraham, that trouble was coming, and later shared this in the church, when I was asked to greet the church and share a few words, two apostles at the church, confirmed the word, in Uganda, when you say trouble is coming, they know what trouble means, spontaneously this church erupted into prayer.
I was asking the Lord about Hati, Lord why was there no warning, was know one on that island, or anyone who could have fore warned people of the coming event, no church.
Then I was watching a program, were experts in this field had been warning  for some time, about the plates around hati, like wise the same experts were saying calafornia, could take a big hit. Yellow stone a super volcano, which coud take out most of the western hemisphere, in 21 days, because of ash clouds.
To often the writings on  the wall, every one carries on as normal, then hey presto,
Its time for the church to be very clear, just what the Lord is truly saying , to really stand in the Lords council, and not  just keep going through the motions.
I know some Christians have started to farm, so they can sustain them selves, when they can no longer buy or sell, the mark of the beast. 666 
I met a man in a cafĂ© in Kampala, he and his family had just got out of Rwanda by the skin of their teeth, he had three lovely children, his wife was eight months pregnant, they were Tutsi, had they been caught by the Hutus, they would have all been massacred, he tolled me over 2000 people trying to get out through the same refuge crossing point were gunned down behind them,  he was a lawyer  for a big petroleum company in Rwanda , they had just been on a lovely holiday to tan zanier ,they got back on the Wednesday, put their bags down, every thing was fine, Thursday all hell broke lose, they grabbed a few things and ran for their lives.
They had lost every thing, their lovely home, all their money was in an account in Rwanda, their cars, they did not know if their friends or relatives where alive or dead, he had about $2.00 to his name, the reality in his face, when he said, I thank God so much we are alive and together..
Being prepared, in the right place at the right time, being in the Lord Jesus, the ark of the new covenant, is the right place at the right time, but we also may have to put things in place, and need wisdom which direction we need to take.
The  Titanic was sinking, for some time, only a select few knew this, for every one eles, they were unaware of the predicament they were in.
I have worked with people, perfectly healthy, went home friday, did not come back monday, weather an illness, a heart attack,virus, world tribulation,Flood or some other natural disaster, who knows what tomorrow will bring, we may live to see our childrens children, or tomorrow could be our day. today is the day of salvation, i had a friend visit me on a wednesday, we spoke about faith, he was of the mind, he was interested, but something he would consider later, that weekend, he was in a car accident, his car over turned, and caught fire, he was trapped in his seat belt, they could not get him out, the Lord gave me pslam 18, i was tangled in the cords of death, and i called upon the Lord.
i know we have to warn, share the good news, with a right heart and spirit, so others to can share our faith and hope, and be part of Gods, salvation, and rapture and not left behind, when and however that senerio comes to pass, Imagine being trapped in a war zone, or in a flood, then you saw a helecopter coming to lift you to safety, you would rejoice.  At not being left behind.
I have starred death in the face, such was Gods grace, i would not have even blinked an eye, i have also had the privilege like paul, by the spirt having been caught up in to heaven, and experienced the fullness of Gods power, how we will be in eternity, from being there to being here took a few breif moments, the fullness of the Lords spirit remained for several moments when I returned, before Gods power and presents lifted  departed, i have never felt so much love, flowing over me, filling me, jesus said out of our inner most being will flow rivers of living water. May our cup over flow to those around us.  A priceless gift, Lord your loving kindness is better than life. King David.                                          God bless Johnny botwright