Author Topic: Where have all the Baptist gone???  (Read 17784 times)

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Re: Where have all the Baptist gone???
« Reply #35 on: Fri Mar 28, 2014 - 18:57:33 »
I don't see any recent posts from Baptists.  Where are you?


I call myself a Baptist, as the church I have selected and attend regularly, including the Sunday School  is Baptist.  I love being in a Bible based church, that is self governing and a community of fellow believers.  For over 45 years, I belonged to another denomination. 

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Re: Where have all the Baptist gone???
« Reply #36 on: Sat Mar 19, 2016 - 16:38:32 »
sup im baptist

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Re: Where have all the Baptist gone???
« Reply #37 on: Fri May 27, 2016 - 15:47:40 »
I see this is a very old thread, but I don't know where else to say hello to other Baptists.

I am a Canadian Baptist, which is definitely another flavour. With the "u".  My parents were forced by my grandmother to send me to church, and the Baptist church across the alley was the easiest way to fulfill this. So for three years  aged 6-8, I got stars for memory verses, learned the Lord's Prayer, the 23rd Psalm and hundreds of Bible stories. I also sang in the children's choir and learned lots of hymns.

Sadly we moved away. I got sent to an apostate Protestant church for a few years, then got dragged to the Unitarian Church. By age 12, I was reading KJV on my own, and memorizing Psalms.  It did not last with no support and I drifted into the New Age Movement.

God finally saved me at age 26 during a revival, and I went to various churches, until I got fed up and started looking for some decent doctrine.  God called me to Seminary. I was in a Canadian Southern Baptist Church so I went to their Seminary. It was totally awesome. I learned so much of the Bible, ministry tools and the original languages.  And what I really believed as far as doctrine.

I also learned what I didn't agree with in the SBC, as our professors were required to sign the 2000 Faith and Message Statement, and when the pastor of the small church I was attending became a domineering dictator, I left for another Baptist denomination. The elders and deacons there were just horrific. If they didn't think of it, it wasn't from God. And nepotism!  So when we moved, I finally found the right Baptist church and denomination for me. Another student had recommended it to me.

I'm very happy with the prerogatives of being a Baptist. I would love to see more outreach to children, which is what gave me such a grounding as a young child. But sadly, parents don't send their kids across the street or alley at age 6 or 7 these days!

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Re: Where have all the Baptist gone???
« Reply #38 on: Thu Jun 15, 2017 - 16:32:10 »
Hi, I am a Baptist! Do you want to talk? :)

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Re: Where have all the Baptist gone???
« Reply #39 on: Mon Jun 26, 2017 - 09:05:08 »
Greetings!  I am a new member here on Grace Centered.  I chose to read first the Baptist forum, since I am a Baptist.  I adhere to the Baptist distinctives of believer's immersion baptism, full separation of church and State, soul liberty, priesthood of the believer, and a Holy Spirit gathered congregational membership based on the New Covenant teachings.  I notice here that JohnDB speaks of the SBC, is this an SBC forum?  If so I will not fit here because I embrace the 1644 First London Confession of Baptists as best expressing my understanding of Scripture.  I'm 70 and I have before me my grandfather's 1890 Edition of The Standard Manual for Baptist Churches by Edward T. Hiscox, D.D. and on page 57 it reads:  "That known  as the New Hampshire Confession is commonly used by the churches North, East and West; while that known as the Philadelphia Confession is very generally in use in the South and Southwest...American Baptists are decidedly Calvinistic as to substance of doctrine, but moderately so, being midway between the extremes of Arminianism and Antinomianism. Though diversities of opinion may incline to either extreme, the 'general atonement' view is for the most part held, while the 'particular atonement' theory is maintained by not a few."  I of course would be a 'Particular Baptist', understanding the atonement as definite for God's elect alone.  So, if this is an SBC forum, I should go to a more general Christian forum for I am not of the Southern Baptists.  May God's peace be on you all. is not an SBC forum. This forum is for all Baptists mostly
LOL...for that you have to go to a lifeway website of some kind...not even sure they got one.

But if the Southern Baptist Convention types give you any grief on this forum just send me a PM and I will fix it.

The Calvinists though got their own forum. They may or may not be Baptist...but they do seem to want to take the SBC over.

The "Seventh Day Baptists" though are a unique case. We tend to send them to the SDA forum.
We haven't had any of them yet....but I ain't exactly looking for them either.

I just have to ask : Do Baptists have the corner on the market for salvation? Sorry I just stumbled in here thought I would read some of the posts. Don't get me wrong there are many good Baptists and good preachers. So my question is again

Do Baptists have the corner on the market for salvation? if not who then is saved?

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Re: Where have all the Baptist gone???
« Reply #40 on: Wed Oct 04, 2017 - 16:18:09 »
My son Teno,  lives in Wisc.  and preaches  at Baptist  Churches from time to time

several different  States  .....   But  I am  a Grace believer........ were pretty much the same

except for the Baptizing   .........