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Author Topic: Letter to Bishop DiLerenzo of Richmond, Va to Excommunicate Tim Kaine  (Read 573 times)

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I have just dispatched the following e-mail to Bishop DiLerenzo of Richmond Catholic Diocese in Virginia stating what I feel should be done to Senator Tim Kaine and others who are supposedly Catholic and violate Church and Scriptural teachings on abortion:

"Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo
Catholic Diocese of Richmond
7800 Carousel Lane
Richmond, VA 23294

"Dear Bishop DiLorenzo:

"It is high time the Roman Catholic Church would become the staunch defender of the faith the way it was in the days of old, willing to risk persecution, even to the point of death to defend the faith and the Word of God, preaching the whole counsel of God regardless of the consequences, even to the point of martyrdom.  And the Roman Catholic Church through the centuries certainly had it share of great martyrs, but here lately the Church has become soft in taking stands as in the days of old concerning abortion, same sex marriage and other issues of morality

"The Church would not hesitate to either withhold the sacraments or excommunicate those who continue to commit mortal sin such as abortion, acts of homosexuality and other immoral sexual practices.  I am shocked to see the current Church growing soft toward and tolerating such practices like admitting Holy Communion to the likes of Nancy Pelosi and others, including Virginia's Senator Tim Kaine, who either support or tolerate abortion, same sex marriage and other immoral practices.  If you want serve and please God you have no choice but to start dealing with such individuals firmly and swiftly, first warning them of their sin and if repentance does not follow, then withhold the sacraments or excommunicate them until they do.

"There is a bill now before the Senate to defund Planned Parenthood, an organization from the pits of hell, supporting the murder of these innocent babies, and Tim Kaine will be voting on that bill.  I have called his office demanding him to vote for that bill or face the consequences of an angry God, saying he was an apostate in the faith and not a true Christian or Roman Catholic.

"Do you know America has a holocaust far worse than the holocaust of Nazi Germany.  That holocaust  is the deliberate murder of over 60 million unborn babies and that number continues to grow each day.  Germany's holocaust pales in comparison with only 27 million murdered.  The partial birth procedure now being allowed in America's current holocaust rivals any evil act Germany committed during their holocaust.

"I could not believe in San Francisco a few years back that Holy Communion was administered to homosexuals dressed as nuns openly flaunting their sacrilegious act.  This is blasphemy in the worst possible sense and that priest should have been excommunicated.

"Therefore, I call upon you to take a firm stand in this matter and issue a directive to all the churches in your diocese to start withholding Holy Communion from Tim Kaine and others until they repent of their mortal sins, which God considers acts of abomination.

"God's judgment is already falling on this nation and will continue to fall and get worse and it is the Church's  (consisting of all born again believers) fault for not preaching the whole counsel of God and taking action against those who do not follow that counsel.

"You have taken vows in your ordination rites, both as priest and bishop and you must honor those vows or pay the consequences when you stand before Almighty God on Judgment Day, and I hope you are truly a born again believed and saved through the precious Blood of the Lamb.

"For your sake and the sake of the Church and all its members you start taking stand against acts God considers an abomination and acts the  Roman Catholic Church considers as mortal sin.  Please start showing some backbone and deal with it the way Scripture says.


"CC: Tim Kaine"

It is hoped others will contact the Bishop with a copy to Senator Tim Kaine, U. S. Senate, Washington, D. C. The bishop's e-mail address is: bishopdilorenzo@richmonddiocese.org

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