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Author Topic: The importance of Baptism (infant or adult)  (Read 8197 times)

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Re: The importance of Baptism (infant or adult)
« Reply #45 on: January 25, 2011, 01:16:08 PM »
Contaminated natural world instead of contaminated dirt is the deeper understandings of God?


Don't be so blinded. Sin spread like wild fire over all of creation after Adam fell. Why do you think God is going to ignite this world in the fire of His Wrath? The trees you see, the atmosphere we breath, the water, the ground everything around you, nature herself will be engulfed in the all consuming rage of God. Why do you think that is? What did the physical world ever do against God? Nothing. The target is not the earth no more than it is the sinner who is cast into the lake of fire. The target is sin and it always has been. That is why God's Wrath has been postponed from the beginning of the fall of man. He wishes to separate His beloved from the sin He is going to destroy. Everything with the stain of sin will be caught up in the storm of God's Wrath without mercy or exception. That is why this natural world will fade in fire and something New (holy fresh sinless) will be established in its place.

Get a clue.
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"For they needs must seek some support,  since they have fallen from the foundation of the Apostles and have no settled mind of their own, and if they can find none, then they malign the fathers. But no one will believe them any more even if they make efforts to libel them, for their heresy is condemned on all hands." St. Athanasius of Alexandria

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Re: The importance of Baptism (infant or adult)
« Reply #45 on: January 25, 2011, 01:16:08 PM »