Author Topic: A new book on history and education-eye opening  (Read 907 times)

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A new book on history and education-eye opening
« on: Tue Aug 07, 2012 - 10:44:01 »
2+2=4 History With Eyes Open, Nathan Patrick Henry

Many of our kids, Christian kids, go off to college and return to us skeptical at best and atheistic at worst.  Here is a book written by a public school teacher who home schooled his children which addresses the mental maze that our kids confront, with a focused specificity.

The author’s bibliographical reading list reveals the inspiration and the contribution of the likes of Francis Schaeffer.  It must be said that sometimes the clarity with which the authors speaks on the simplicity of the Christian faith and the issues in history and education is sometimes reminiscent of Schaeffer. 

Some of what the author says will shock his readers but they will soon understand that history is a powerful and often subtle tool for propagandizing evil notions.  These evil notions, though they fly in the face of our faith and even our natural discernment, become the basis of our understanding through the manipulation of facts and interpretations.  However, as uncomfortable as some of his revelations are, they are clearly documented and verified by the events of the human experience.  This is at times an enjoyable read but at others it is unnerving.

This book is a must read for both adults and kids in the homeschooling community.  It offers a basis for unit studies, further research, and a foundation for a clear, Christ centered response to public education, or any education.  At this time in America it would be good for many of us to read this clear explanation of the path that has led us to our present condition.  One college professor of education is already recommending it to her students in a secular college.

The author has a blog at ( he posts portions from the book and articles if anyone would like to sample his work or contact him.  He has recently updated the book.  Buy the newest one with the light blue cover.  It is available in Kindle or paperback for the lowest price he could offer in order to publish it.