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eBook "God Tales, An Anthology"
« on: Fri May 31, 2019 - 23:17:10 »
Hello and Shalom,

I have just finished my eBook; "God Tales, An Anthology".  It is in eBook format and is available at Amazon/Kindle. 

It is a book about the Judeo-Christian faith and contains stories from the Bible and from modern times, people and their issues, and how they cope with them through faith.  My book also has a poetry section, a section on my own memories from the past and how they relate to the faith, and finally, "Pics and Insights"

This has been a 7 years task and it is finally out for the world to read.  Hope you support this ministry, since writing ministry is one of the things I do.   

Here's the link:

J. Ben Avraham