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I seem particularly ungifted at making conversation, and I have so much anxiety that I find myself stammering and forgetting Scriptural and theological points that I know while trying to witness.  I’ve pretty much thrown up my hands and given up on personal evangelism for years, despite my biblical understanding of its paramount importance. Yes, I’m supposed to witness to people in person — I got it; I understand.  But knowing that doesn’t make be able to adequately communicate the Gospel in live conversation without sounding ridiculously nervous.  And again, it’s not just the nervousness: I literally can’t think of the biblical truths I know in the heat of the moment.  And I’ve studied the Bible particularly deeply for 2.5 years in order to become a better witness, both verbally and by life example.  The Bible knowledge I can think of gets wrongly worded, and my listeners get confused, understandably.  I’d quit trying forever if it weren’t a divine command.  If it were, say, a career choice, I’d know it was the wrong one for me! 

I have had moments where the Holy Spirit works in me to overcome my weaknesses and gives me just what to say.  But years go by between those incidents.

Let me be clear: I’m talking about sharing the actual Gospel information itself, not merely witnessing through good behavior.  While important, no one is going to go to Heaven simply because they see I am a generally respectable person.  There are lots of generally respectable people who aren’t Christians.  The information of the biblical Gospel must be given to them, in addition to them seeing Christ in me.  It’s that first part I’m having trouble with.

I have an subscription, and would like to know of a good book to listen to that might even give an ungifted would-be evangelist like me a few pointers.  There must be SOMETHING in such a book that even someone like me can learn and incorporate.  If it ends up being just one thing, it’s worth a whole book listen.  I don’t want to just pick a random title on evangelism; I’d prefer to see some recommendations from fellow Christians.

I do support ministries who teach the Bible, and am working on developing a couple of evanglizing reading materials for curious non-believers, but these are taking a very long time to complete, and I feel I may be passing up a lot of in-person opportunities in the meantime.  I badly, badly want people to know Christ, but can’t seem to find the words to explain Him to them, and to deal with their follow-up questions on the fly.

I’m very comfortable discussing Christian topics in text format, because I can organize my thoughts better and do any needed research while writing.  But the in-person thing throws me completely, unless I already know the person really well.
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