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Jonathan & Sarah Edwards
« on: Fri Oct 14, 2016 - 13:28:02 »
 Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment to recommend this  amazing book that I am in the process of reading. It's called "Marriage to a Difficult Man, The Uncommon Union of Jonathan & Sarah Edwards" by Elisabeth D. Dodds. I'm sure many of you have read it so feel free to share your impressions as well.

I'm posting this in the marriage forum because it's such an exemplary model for relationships. As you know, Jonathan Edwards was a Reformed Puritan Theologian  who lived in New England between 1703 and 1758 and he was a central figure in The First Great Awakening. He and his wife Sarah shared an meaningful and abiding life together and the perspective which is offered on such a healthy and solid relationship is very edifying  . 

If you've had a diffictult childhood or were raised by immature parents you will feel a tug in your heart of the unmet longing of a loving fuctional family. But try to keep in mind that Jonathan and Sarah were exceptionally intelligent  individuals who were a very rare breed of human, not only in their own time period but in any time period. I tend to believe that more elevated ones relationship to God is...the more naturally and better organized the brain is. So their ability to function so productively was truely an issue of enormous grace as a gift from God. 

I just love this book and wanted to share it because it inspires the reader to live a more disciplined and grateful existence. Life was not easy in those years and it's hard to imagine raising elleven Godly children  as effectively as they did and enjoying such a lovely quality of life. Sometimes I come across contemporary figures or individuals in our history that I think that i would love to have the privilege of knowing in person....or even just sharing a single afternoon with them. And I think Sarah would be a woman I would love to meet  when we get to the kingdom (her husband and her children too :-).

If you know of any similar biographies of notable  Christians  that you would like to share I'd be very appreciative to learn of them. I am particularly fond of this one because I'm essentially  from the New England area,  and Yale is not far from me at all .

Have a great weekend! ::smile::

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