Author Topic: Lenora's Bequest: Victory In The Midst of Breast Cancer and Tragic Loss  (Read 778 times)

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Highly Recommended - Short but powerful read.

Lenora's Bequest: Lessons Learned From Watching My Sister Finish Well chronicles an account of love, healing and encouragement. Death touches every human life. For those fortunate enough to love well, the weight of grief and loss can be earth-shattering. Author Christina Freeman Gray blends a poignant memoir with self-improvement reflection in this unique book. Sweet memories are sprinkled throughout the story as the author sets out to gain a sense of meaning from this heartbreaking loss. It may surprise the reader that in times of devastation, peace can still be found. This is a story about life and inspiration. As a beautiful inheritance, treasures were discovered among the ruins of despair. Retrospect, at times, provides the best view to glean from. These thought-provoking lessons are now available to serve as motivation for the remainder of the journey. Earth is temporary; live well.

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