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new christian fantasy novel
« on: Fri Jun 01, 2012 - 14:43:46 »
My name is Ardy and I thought I would let people know that I have just released a new Christian Fantasy novel called Dawn is Coming. It is available at Just search for Ardy. I am trying to get the word out. You can read the first thirty percent for free. It is an allegorical novel about a world cursed with everlasting night, ruled by an evil king. An underground movement that quickly becomes an army is formed and their goal is to bring the True King back to his rightful throne and dethrone the evil king Morningstar, thus bringing back the Dawn. Please check it out. I have posted two other books as well. Though neither of them are "Christian" there are some strong Christian themes in Akeldama: The Field of Blood. Any feedback would be nice. Thanks, and God Bless.