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Slave to Grace
« on: Sat May 04, 2013 - 12:40:01 »
Slave to Grace is a book for anyone who has ever felt betrayed by someone they trusted or who has struggled with trying to forgive someone who hurt you.
If you look in the New Testament you'll find a single chapter called "Philemon".  The book is a novel based on that letter from Paul to this wealthy Christian slave-owner about his runaway slave, Onesimus.
Slave to Grace tells the story of Onesimus' run from slavery and the adventures he has on his run. It tells how he struggles with his feelings of betrayal and bitterness and how he finally realizes that it isn't his physical slavery that shackles him but his unforgiveness toward his betrayers.  The book is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, Pathway Bookstores and can be ordered through your favorite bookstore.
It's worth the read! ::amen!::