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The Divine Romance
By Gene Edwards

First, let me state that this is my absolute favorite book. My dear friend, Marge, suggested it to me. I fought reading it because I had so many other “must read” books. One day I happened across the borrowed copy and thought, “I have to read this so I can give it back to Marge.” And so I read it.

This book is an amazing piece of work. It is written in a fiction format but has many non-fiction elements. It is a beautiful and touching love story.

This is no ordinary love story between a man and a woman. This story is about the love between YOU and GOD. It literally explains how much God loves you.

If you are depressed, doubting God, or simply want to feel God’s love you must read The Divine Romance. It is a wonderfully written book that explains God’s love in a way I have never heard before. Truth is I have never felt more love than when I read this book.

I have bought extra copies of The Divine Romance and given it to friends, acquaintances, and even pastors. This book is a must read for every one – man or woman. If you want to grasp the entirety of God’s love for you, read this book TODAY!