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These days, the world seems to be buzzing on all sides. There are phones, televisions, portable DVD players, iPods, iPads and other similar tablets, apart from the physical people communicating with us. This makes hearing and following the voice of God rather difficult. So, I believe that it is important as a Christian to develop "The Art of Hearing". Dag Heward-Mills, in this book, helps us understand that there are many kinds of voices. He points out the voices that contradict the voice of God while also giving ways to overcome them. He explains "How to Tell the Difference When the Spirit Speaks In Different Ways", "What Every Christian Should Know About Dreams", "How to Use the Word of God for Direction", "Three Checks to Avoiding Mistakes When Being Led by the Spirit" and many other interesting things related to knowing how to hear and follow God's voice. He himself recommends this book as the best among his over 80 other books, stating that the most important thing for every Christian is to know how to follow the voice of God. I, also, after reading the book understood how the voice of God is a still small voice, how the Holy Spirit can speak in different ways to our soul (mind) and our body and how what we simply refer to as 'a knowing' but what the author interestingly describes as "Peace the Umpire" can direct us. It is a great book that I believe describes a topic that is especially relevant in our times. Dag Heward-Mills is an author of several books and the founder of a denomination of over one thousand churches called The Lighthouse Chapel International. Also an international evangelist, he ministers in international Healing Jesus Crusades and conferences all over the world.
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