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« on: Mon Dec 22, 2014 - 14:31:52 »

Hello, I was talking to a friend earlier this month, who recently became born-again. She was previously an atheist. It was odd for me to know of someone who went to being a Christian from being an atheist. So we got to chatting about what made her accept Jesus as her lord and savior. She told me that it was a long process that started with her reading a book called Umineko, that made her question the validity of science over faith. Curious as I am, I decided to research this book, and what I found was surprised me!

Umineko (shortened from Umineko no Naku Koro ni) is something called a "Visual Novel" written by a Christian Japanese man. The novel is read on the computer. The book reads like detective fiction while commenting on faith vs atheism. The bible is mentioned a couple of times, but is not a major focal point. The game book shows a lot of graphic, satanist symbols (as the murderer is trying to perform some sort of satanic ritual).

Or not? Apparently, the strange circle is has passages from the Old Testament written in Hebrew. Still, pretty occult looking, though.

The book has some scenes that are very familiar to my own experiences with Jesus. For example, there's a girl who is unhappy, but becomes happier when she makes friends with someone who can only help her if she believes. An analogy, I took for accepting Jesus Christ into your soul. She even carries around a book that helps her become more connected to her new friend, an obvious reference to the Holy Bible. Furthermore, when her classmates make fun of her for reading her book!

Matthew 10:22
You will be hated by all because of My name, but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved.

In the later chapters, it even introduces a character that is Atheism incarnate named Erika, the detective. She is a nasty girl who hates faith and only believes in evidence, she's the primary villain of both chapters five and six. She also has a major breakdown when she can't explain something with scientific evidence.

In the very end, there's a choice where the reader must decide between faith or proof. If the player chooses faith, he is rewarded with a good ending, but if the player chooses proof, he will get a bad ending.

All in all, though it makes NUMEROUS mentions of witches and demons, I think this book can certainly help atheists and those who renounce Jesus that a life with faith is much richer than a life without it. I would not recommend it to those who already have accepted Jesus, but you should certainly share it with atheists / agnostics who you want to start on the path to salvation as an introductory point to faith.

Though, it can never compare to the Bible, there are not many atheists who will read it or simply reject it's teachings. This, I think, is a pretty effective alternative.
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Re: Umineko
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Yes, it does sound like it might be helpful for an atheist.