What are you reading right now? (Author : gibby)
« Sun Dec 10, 2006 - 15:24:00 »
I am currently reading Escape from Reason by Francis Schaeffer.  It is a good philosophical picture of the roots of post-modernism.

 How about you?
Reply #1 by James Rondon
« Sun Dec 10, 2006 - 20:36:22 »
The Radical Cross, by A.W. Tozer.
Reply #2 by kanham
« Mon Dec 11, 2006 - 11:11:47 »
Restoring Broken Things by SC Chapman and Scotty Smith and Children Matter by several authors.
Reply #3 by Jimbob
« Mon Dec 11, 2006 - 11:19:54 »

Radical Restoration by F. Lagard Smith (figured it's been taking up shelf space, maybe I ought to give it a whirl and see what the fuss was all about)


Papal Sin by Garry Wills
Reply #4 by kalen
« Mon Dec 11, 2006 - 11:45:46 »
"Circle of Friends" by Maeve Binchy
Reply #5 by k-pappy
« Mon Dec 11, 2006 - 12:39:31 »
I can't answer this question, or I would be breaking the forum rules about self-promotion  ::whistle::

Reply #6 by edinindy
« Mon Dec 11, 2006 - 12:54:04 »
    A biography on the life of Raccoon John Smith by John Sparks
Reply #7 by ellisadam
« Thu Dec 21, 2006 - 15:08:37 »
Besides all of the grad school stuff I'm reading for Lipscomb, I'm reading
Embracing Grace by Scot McKnight.  (and I highly recommend it)
Reply #8 by Bon Voyage
« Thu Dec 21, 2006 - 15:20:51 »
The last thing I read was a section out of an engineering manual.
Reply #9 by spurly
« Thu Dec 21, 2006 - 15:34:27 »
The 21 Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell.  The next one I intend to read is "Paul, the apostle of the Heart Set Free", by F.F. Bruce.
Reply #10 by kalen
« Thu Dec 21, 2006 - 17:26:47 »
Inbetween books right now.  Will go to the library tomorrow morning to hunt something down.
Reply #11 by HRoberson
« Fri Dec 22, 2006 - 16:14:35 »
Ancient-Future Evangelism, by Webber.
The Art of Prayer, Igumen Chariton
Thoughts in Solitude, Merton
The Needs of the Dying, Kessler
On Grief and Grieving, Kessler
Reply #12 by OkiMar
« Mon Dec 25, 2006 - 07:22:43 »
Washington's Crossing

Reply #13 by mike
« Mon Dec 25, 2006 - 09:16:56 »
The Covenant, by James Michener

The Voice of Jesus, by Gordon T. Smith

Reply #14 by HRoberson
« Mon Dec 25, 2006 - 23:26:34 »
Just got one for Christmas...

The Wisdom of Forgiveness, by the Dalai Lama and Victor Chan
(actually, it's by Chan, but features his discussions and descriptions of the Dalai Lama)

Also picked up two more at Borders yesterday...

--The New Man, by Merton
--Christian Mysticism, by Bernard McGinn

They're gonna have to wait though, until I finish with one of the others...
Reply #15 by James A. Wyly
« Tue Dec 26, 2006 - 07:30:24 »
My reading is fairly eclectic with more Western Americana than most people read (or can stomach.)

Within the last month,  I have read:

1. “Ghost Soldiers,
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Reply #16 by k-pappy
« Tue Dec 26, 2006 - 07:41:17 »
I'm reading two new ones:

1.  Six Frigates by Ian W. Toll - it is the history of the founding of the U.S. Navy and the six frigates commissioned by Congress...one of which is still an active duty ship up in Boston

2.  The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams - the first of the 5 book trilogy...actually they are all in one volume, so I will likely roll right into the next.

Reply #17 by parson6
« Thu Dec 28, 2006 - 11:19:05 »
The God Who Is There - Francis Schaeffer
The Books and The Parchments - F.F. Bruce

Two books I picked up in college in the late 70s.  I have read Schaeffer's before, but had never taken Bruce's off the shelf.  I'm enjoying them both immensely.  The God Who Is There traces the abandonment of traditional Judea/Christian thought in Western Civilization - the sad thing is how far culture has declined since this book was written.  The Books and the Parchments is a study of written language and the preservation of the Holy Scriptures throughout history.  A very good read.
Reply #18 by kalen
« Thu Dec 28, 2006 - 11:28:15 »
New Mercies (a novel) by Sandra Dallas
Reply #19 by Bass6forChrist
« Thu Dec 28, 2006 - 23:25:09 »
Mere Christianity; CS Lewis

Take Care & God Bless
Reply #20 by normfromga
« Fri Dec 29, 2006 - 13:13:47 »
Conspiracy of Fools, by Kurt Eichenwald

Music Of The Heart : John And Charles Wesley On Music And Musicians : An Anthology, by Carlton R. Young

Reply #21 by s1n4m1n
« Fri Dec 29, 2006 - 14:56:59 »
Not really reading much. The internet has destroyed what sane reading habits I had.

Reply #22 by Lee Freeman
« Tue Jan 02, 2007 - 17:59:24 »
Like Jim, my tastes are fairly eclectic, though with certain emphases. Currently I'm reading William M. Ramsay's 1904 classic, The Letters to the Seven Churches; also Christopher Gravett's and David Nicolle's excellent The Normans: Warrior Knights and their Castles. Finally, James Malcolm Rymer's 1845 "penny dreadful" gothic vampire novel Varney the Vampire: or The Feast of Blood, which was part of Bram Stoker's inspiration for Dracula. (I have a habit of reading two or more books at once.)

Reply #23 by HRoberson
« Fri Jan 05, 2007 - 13:56:23 »
Finished the Dali Lama book. It was a bit disappointing.

But never the less, have picked up the following:

--Awareness, by Anthony de Mello. Argues for an increased awareness of ourselves, others, things, and God; the connectedness of all; and the tentativeness of physical existence.

--Traditions of the Ancients, by Marcia Ford. A quick little read that rehearses several spiritual disciplines not normally covered (e.g., prayer shawls, memorial meals) as well as more common ones. I like her style - personable without being too familiar.

--Reaching Out, by Nouwen. Explores a developing spirituality that becomes more aware of others' needs and encourages us to leave our safe places and minister to people we might otherwise avoid.
Reply #24 by savedbyhim
« Sat Jan 06, 2007 - 00:59:40 »
"God of All Comfort" by Hannah Whitall Smith.

It's a good little book written over a hundred years ago and it really expresses the true personality of God as seen through the Scripture.

I highly recommend it to everyone!
Reply #25 by James Rondon
« Sat Jan 06, 2007 - 03:01:13 »
Nice avatar, "savedbyhim"... It's also the wallpaper/background on my cell phone (by the way, how did you get it to appear so big?).

What am I reading now?... "The Holy Spirit & Power" by John Wesley.
Reply #26 by tjclaud
« Sat Jan 06, 2007 - 06:39:33 »
"Jack Bauer's Having a Bad Day" by Tim Wesemann.  It finds a lesson about faith in each episode of the first season of the television series "24."  It's not a deep book, and it's not as exciting as the TV series, but I'm reading it anyway.
Reply #27 by mattmom
« Sun Jan 07, 2007 - 20:53:09 »
"Jack Bauer's Having a Bad Day" by Tim Wesemann.  It finds a lesson about faith in each episode of the first season of the television series "24."  It's not a deep book, and it's not as exciting as the TV series, but I'm reading it anyway.

You a 24 fan?  The next season premiers Monday the 15th.
Reply #28 by mattmom
« Sun Jan 07, 2007 - 20:54:03 »
Christy by Catherine Marshall.
Reply #29 by mattmom
« Sun Jan 07, 2007 - 20:55:17 »
<<"Jack Bauer's Having a Bad Day" by Tim Wesemann. >>

I guess I should be glad *I* am not Jack Bauer.  He's had worse bad days than I ever will!  ::smile::
Reply #30 by marc
« Sun Jan 07, 2007 - 21:03:06 »
as of tomorrow, I will again be reading texts, starting with one concerning research and writing.
Reply #31 by Bon Voyage
« Sun Jan 07, 2007 - 21:10:25 »
I just read a coupla books in the past week while sitting on the throne, both were by Dean Koontz.

Mr. Murder and some other one I forget the name of.
Reply #32 by Jimbob
« Sun Jan 07, 2007 - 21:13:27 »
I took all my heavy reading (Wright & Wills) back to the library and have stuck to lighter things like Car & Driver and Motor Trend for the last week.
Reply #33 by Big Mike Lewis
« Thu Jan 18, 2007 - 11:29:07 »
Wild At Heart by John Eldredge
The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian McLaren
Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard
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Reply #34 by mike
« Thu Jan 18, 2007 - 20:47:25 »
Big Mike --- Great book by Dallas Willard!

Right now I'm reading:

Prayer, Does It Make Any Difference?, by Philip Yancey


Living the Resurrection, The Risen Christ in Everyday Life, by Eugene Peterson