Author Topic: What is your stance on grace and forgiveness from man and woman to other people?  (Read 2143 times)

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My fiancee and I just read this book. The book is called 9 Common Lies Christians Believe by Pastor Shane Pruitt. He is from Texas. The book came out February 2019.

Well  it seems to be good from what we read online about this book. But actually it turned out different then what it seem to advertise online.

Rather than just bible facts and or myths only he really shares some life testimonies about his family, and others as well combined with bible teaching. To teach to disprove the common myths many Christians believe.

I have mixed reviews on this book. Part good as far as interesting testimonies I've never heard. It feels like being in a book novel. Shane Pruitt also makes it clear and easy enough to understand his book.  But a couple things in this book kind of troubles me and also my fiancee too. As we discussed about this book after each chapter what we felt even more important what does the bible say on these things. She was good also to see and observe some of the things we did not totally agree. I mean it is not the worse of things to mention. But I would not follow this pastor.

First is he shared about being a married couple that lives in Texas. They have an orphanage. This couple adopted 30 kids of various countries. While that may seem to be a nice thing to do only the 2 were watching all these 30 kids with no other help mentioned. We at home hate the fact how can these kids keep being safe when there are so many of them and only 2 adults to watch and includes the kids going all over the ranch. . I think it should be against the law to have that many kids with only 2 people caring for them. They need at least 2 more adult supervisors. We believe to think of the kids first if one had to go to the doctor that leaves only one adult and 29 kids. I don't like the idea. Was very poorly planned out. Good intentions is not always a good thing . .

Plus one of the adopted girls at the age of six got stepped on by a horse. Her older sister at 7or 8 tried to get her on this big horse. You see what I mean. If an adult was there could have properly did this more safely. But I still think a girl at that age of six is not ready to ride a horse of that size. Only a tame pony instead ride supervised by an adult and to fasten a child on a pony well. . 

Shane Pruitt was trying to use them as a good example for Christians.. not to us. We did not like that example. Don't do that to little kids. . We believe safety is a high priority. That's why we don't own any pets now. We can't afford vet appointments. Why get pets if you can' pay for medical needs. That also includes not bringing up any child. Got no car and not enough funds to provide enough what a child may need in this day and age. This is why the welfare system is getting bogged down. People don't plan families if they have or don't have enough to raise the child. Life is just not free and or easy. . We have to think like Proverbs.

And the 2nd issue of this book is this pastor is way too forgiving.  I know Jesus puts emphasis on forgiveness and grace upon others. But this book went a bit too far. . For one instance this girl was in the car with her mother. When they were driving in a certain area by some house they went to stop for some reason. The next thing you know the car window drivers side was shattered. Her mother was killed by a gun shot from the guy that shot out in the open. . The girl was troubled at first. But in this book it makes it feel she quickly because now going to church she needs to forgive the man that killed her mother.

There was no mention of much grieving in this or that it takes time to heal. It was as if the girl has to feel guilty to quickly to forgive this man who recently murdered her mother.

Yes God can forgive all sins. But something extreme as this if this was you probably would not go away or disappear so easy. He used other stories also about forgiveness. But I did not like his examples. Let me tell you why.

I believe the bible needs to be seen as a whole and not as a part. Directly reading from a smaller book how Christians sometimes use select verses. This called cherry picking. Only picking verses to support a certain view or belief. But may not realize or take into account the facts other verses that may put more understanding how the scriptures should be applied in our lives. As in the book of Ecclesiastes there is a time for everything. .

The bible does teach forgiveness. But it also teaches if one sins against you tell that person who sinned against you. . If the person does not change their ways then bring another person and tell of their sin. If yet they don't listen bring them to the church. Now if they don't listen treat them as a tax collector. .

So even though forgiveness should be a big part of a Christian life sometimes it just does not turn out that way. . Some people cause you so many problems living a constant life of sin. It is best to part from that person like a tax collector. God did not say vengeance upon that person. Only going the other way.

I can understand this girl wants to forgive this man because God wants us to forgive. But I really feel the girl needed time to go through her emotions about the loss of her mother for quite a while. . Eventually she can forgive this man. But if she does so in an instant way it makes it seem this man did not really do any wrong.

For example some people could have understanding with signs saying. God forgives you Timothy McVeigh. We forgive you also.

Timothy McVeigh in the 90s killed a lot of people at the Alfred Murray building. McVeigh was stone cold on this issue. He did not regret what he did . . If we say to him you are now already forgiven. Let the grace of God be upon you Timothy McVeigh. That would give no reason for him to change his ways. . On the other hand do not hold signs to say he is going to the bad place. .

Jesus did not forgive the Pharisees or Sadducee of those who did not repent of their sins. Jesus did not forgive the man on the cross who did not ask Jesus for his forgiveness.

So if Jesus does not always forgive then I don't expect God says we always had to. Always was not the word used for forgiveness. But rather a number of times.

I believe in forgiveness. I have forgiven lots of things in my life others have done against me. But if I was in this girls situation of her mother getting killed by someone I really don't know if my heart could forgive this man truly. Yes I can usually forgive most people but probably not all for certain reasons. I won't forgive Adolf Hitler or Jesse James for example. .

What is your say on this when it comes to about grace and forgiveness to others?

To all members here what is  your views on the bible how you deal with forgiveness issues.? Also include things like being raped, beaten up abused for years and being murdered by someone? Such as a family member getting killed by this thug.   . what is your way and biblical stance of forgiveness in both lighter and more serious sins in life others commit against us for others we may know of.?