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SARAH (the story continues)
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5.  SARAH (the sequel) or (the rest of the story)                       
      Sarah stood in awe as she marveled at the beautiful sights and wonders of the city of the King.  Angel stood by her side and pointed to the brilliant array of colors. 
     “You see all those colors Sarah? They all emanate from the Throne of Grace of King Yeshua.  They are all the colors of the rainbow”
     “How beautiful” replied Sarah looking here and there, completely enthralled with the marvelous sights and sounds of her new heavenly home.
     “This is your home Sarah” replied Angel with a happy smile, “and all these people are your family.”
     Sarah looked all around her.  The city of the King was constant activity. There were people all around her, big people and small, all dressed in glowing white tunics.  They were girded with golden belts around their waists and wore golden sandals.  There was constant conversation with laughter; some were singing praises with up lifted hands.
     “These are the redeemed from all ages past” said Angel.  “These are the ones who accepted the free gift of life from King Yeshua.  Through his shed blood, their sins were blotted out and their names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.”
     “Wow” cried Sarah with joy, “Do they all have special names like me?”
     “Yes” replied Angel, “Their names are engraved on their golden head bands.”
     Sarah looked at all the redeemed that walked the streets of the Lamb’s holy city.  She saw that everyone wore golden bands around their foreheads, engraved with special names.
     “But I don’t have one Angel!” said Sarah sadly, touching her own head, feeling only her soft, dark, curly hair. 
     “Ah, but you will receive one.  King Yeshua himself will give you your own headband with your name engraved,” replied Angel with a smile.  “I’m going to take you to meet him right now.  Are you ready to meet your king?”
     “Oh yes” exclaimed Sarah happily, “Let’s go!”
     “Alright” said Angel, opening up his radiant white wings, “Hold my hand and up we'll go. 
     Sarah held on the Angel's hand as they both soared upward and few over the golden city of the king.  Sarah gasped with wonder as she saw all the beautiful sights and sounds of Yeshua's kingdom.

         Fountains of pure, crystalline water shot high into the air, emanating from different geometric shapes of pure, transparent crystal.  Above some fountains were suspended pyramids of crystal rotating around and around, reflecting the light that came from the Lamb’s Throne of Grace.  The radiant light reflected by the prisms came forth in all sorts of dazzling colors.
     “What beautiful colors”, exclaimed Sarah.  “Is the whole city like this?”
     “Yes” replied Angel.  “The whole city reflects the beauty and majesty of King Yeshua, and look,” continued Angel, pointing ahead, “there’s the Lamb’s Throne of Grace and his holy temple.”
     Sarah looked ahead and saw a monumental throne of pure gold with a base of green emerald.  The throne was aglow with radiant, golden light shining forth the glory of God in all directions.  There was also a river of crystal clarity flowing from the base of the Throne of Grace.  The river parted into four directions, flowing to the north, south, east, and west. 
     “Let’s go up a little higher” said Angel, “We can get a better view from far, far above.”
     With these words, Angel and Sarah flew up and up, higher and higher above the City of God.  Sarah looked down to see the river that flowed from the Lamb’s Throne of Grace divide into canals.
     “You see Sarah” spoke Angel, “The River of Life flows to the north, south, east and west.  In each direction, it splits up into more canals so that every dwelling on every street here in the New Jerusalem has a canal.”
     Sarah looked with excitement and awe at the canals which flowed alongside the streets of gold.  On each street stood mansions, great and small.  Behind the mansions lay lush, green vegetation and all kinds of fruit trees that lined the canals from the River of Life.                                                                   
     “How beautiful is everything here” exclaimed Sarah.  “Is all the Kingdom of Heaven like this?”
     “Yes” replied Angel with a smile, “and you have only begun to see everything that the LORD has in store for those who love him, and for those he loves.”
     Sarah was enthralled by the wonderful sights and sounds of the New Jerusalem.  There were so many beautiful buildings, mansions, and so many people from all ages going here and there.  Some were laughing and conversing one with another with smiles of joy.  Others were singing praises to the most high God, with uplifted hands with psalms of praise on their lips.
     “Come” said Angel, “let’s go over there” as he pointed out a beautiful temple with a throne bathed in glowing, radiant light standing right in front of it.
     “Angel and Sarah flew down to where the holy temple and the throne were.
They were both dwarfed by the majesty and splendor of God’s Throne of Glory, engulfed by the lamb’s Shekinah light.                                                       
     Angel pointed towards the temple entrance from which came a chorus of heavenly voices of the redeemed, singing psalms of praises with the sounds of all sorts of stringed instruments.  At different intervals, the sounds of trumpets and shofars were heard.
     “Now little Sarah” began Angel, “you will meet your king.”  With these words, Angel stepped forward and shouted, “My LORD and my God Adonai-Elohim, Yeshua Ben David, I present to you Sarah, Princess and daughter of light.”
     At once, the whole entrance of the temple was filled with radiant, glowing light.  The light was so bright that both Sarah and Angel fell to their knees and bowed their heads to the ground.  All around them rang voices proclaiming;
“Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD God of hosts, May all Heaven and earth be filled with your glory.”
     When Angel and Sarah looked up, they saw the figure of a man clothed in dazzling white array.  He wore a golden belt around his waist and wore golden sandals.  Around his head was a golden crown which read; “KING of kings and LORD of lords.”
     He looked down at Sarah and opened his arms saying, “Welcome my dearest daughter, welcome to your home.”
     Sarah looked up at the man in dazzling white, knowing that he was more than just a man, he was indeed the LORD.
     “Yeshua?”  Exclaimed Sarah with wonder, “You’re King Yeshua, aren’t you?”
     “Yes my dearest child” replied the king with a broad smile, “I AM who I AM, the KING of kings and LORD of lords, your father and your God.”
     Sarah went up close to King Yeshua.  He then reached down and with all tenderness, picked little Sarah up and held her to his breast.  Sarah looked into his eyes and noticed a few tear drops.  In spite of Yeshua’s radiant countenance, she noticed a touch of sadness. 
     “Why are you sad King Yeshua?” asked Sarah curiously, pointing to the tears in his eyes.
      “I had so many plans for you my dearest daughter” replied Yeshua.  “You would have been the pride and joy of your mother Leah, a special gift of life. You would have excelled in many things.”
     “You know my mother?” questioned Sarah, still gazing into his eyes.
     “Yes”, replied Yeshua, “she is also my daughter. For a while, she was very angry and confused.
     “Well wouldn’t you know it” said Sarah, crossing her arms, “She sent me right back to you, guess she didn’t want me after all.”
      Yeshua looked at Sarah with eyes of tenderness, full of love and compassion
“Like I said dearest one, your mother was angry and confused.  She listened to bad and evil counsel.”
     “Yes, I know.” Sarah replied, “Angel told me all about counselors who follow this Beelzebub guy, he has other scary names too.”
      “Well” said Yeshua with a smile, “You won’t have to worry about him here.
There is no place for evil in my kingdom.”
     “That’s good” said Sarah, “I wouldn’t want to meet him anyway. Oh by the way King Yeshua, do I get a place to live here?” asked Sarah with wondering eyes.
     “Indeed you do” replied Yeshua as he placed Sarah back on her feet.  “But first, I must give you your little golden head band with your name.” 
     “Wow “cried Sarah with glee, “my own headband, like all the others here have?”
     “Well” replied the LORD, “everyone has a distinct and unique headband.” And Yeshua reached into his long, white tunic and drew out a small, golden headband with the title “Sarah, little princess, daughter of Light”
     Yeshua reached down with all tenderness and gently placed the headband around Sarah’s head.
     “There” he said with joy, “this is yours for all eternity.”
     “Like forever and ever” questioned Sarah?
      “Yes” replied the king of glory, “forever and ever.”  Sarah beamed with joy as she felt the golden headband around her head.
     “Angel” said Yeshua, “I believe my daughter Angelique was looking for a roommate.”
     “Yes my LORD” replied Angel, bowing his head.
      “Sarah would you like to share a mansion with your sister Angelique?” ask Yeshua.
     “Oh yes” replied Sarah, beaming with joy.  “I think I saw her name written on a flat rock when I was in front of the Wall of Sorrows.”
     “Yes” replied Yeshua, “You saw her tomb stone, but she is alive and well here in the New Jerusalem.  She is part of my holy choir, singing praises to my holy name while playing the ten stringed lyre.”
      “I would love to meet her” said Sarah with a broad smile.
     “You will indeed” replied Yeshua.  At that, Yeshua turned towards the entrance of the holy temple and cried out with a loud voice, “Angelique, daughter of the most high God, come forth.”  The voice of Yeshua echoed like thunder.  It seemed as though all of Heaven shook at the sound of His voice.
     At the sound of King Yeshua’s voice, a beautiful young woman came out of the temple arrayed in a dazzling white tunic with a golden belt around her waist.  Her feet were shod with golden sandals and she also wore a golden head band with her name engraved in it. 
     “Yes my LORD” said Angelique, bowing her head and prostrating herself to the ground.
     “Arise my daughter of light” said Yeshua, reaching down and taking Angelique by the hand.  “This is my daughter and your sister Sarah.  She will share your mansion.”
     “Hello Sarah” said Angelique embracing her with heavenly love.  “How do you like the Kingdom of Heaven, the New Jerusalem?”
     “It’s awesome” replied Sarah, looking around with wonder.  “So many beautiful things to see and so many people.” 
     “I’ll show Sarah around my LORD.”
     “Great, my daughter Angelique” said Yeshua smiling, “I’ll see you later.”
     “I too must take my leave” said Angel, “there are more children arriving here that I must meet.  It was nice meeting you Sarah.” 
     “It was nice meeting you too Angel” replied Sarah, waving her hand goodbye to her nice celestial guide. 
     “Well” said Angelique, taking Sarah by the hand, “I’ll show you around.  I’ll introduce you to some of the writers of the books.”
     “Books?” questioned Sarah, looking a bit confused.
     “Oh yes” replied Angelique, “King Yeshua has 66 books, and one special book called the ‘Book of Life’.  That’s where all of our names are recorded.”
     “My name too?” questioned Sarah.
     “Your name too” answered Angelique with a smile.
     Angelique and Sarah walked along the streets of gold, stopping to speak with different people, people from different eras of time past on earth.  Sarah was enthralled with all the different sights and sounds of the New Jerusalem. In just a short time, she met people from all time periods, some seemed young, and others a bit older.  Then Angelique pointed out a man with an elderly face and a very long white beard.
     Angelique and Sarah walked over to this man who seemed to be deep in thought. 
     “Shalom Moshe” greeted Angelique.  The elderly man turned to look at Angelique and smiled.
     “Shalom to you too sister Angelique, and who is this pretty young lady?” asked Moshe, pointing to Sarah. 
     “This is Sarah, she’s new here.  I’m showing her around.  Sarah, this is Moses who wrote the first five books of King Yeshua’s Torah.”
     “Nice to meet you Moses” said Sarah.
     “Nice to meet you too” replied Moses, embracing little Sarah with a warm hug.  “And here are some things for you” said Moses, handing her 5 scrolls all rolled up and tied together with a scarlet colored strap.
     “These scrolls contain the words that King Yeshua told me to write many, many earth years ago.  Many of the words talk about Him.” 
     “I’ll make sure to read these” responded Sarah as she tucked the scrolls under her arm.  “It was nice meeting you Moses” smiled Sarah happily.
     “It was nice meeting you too Sarah” nodded Moses with a smile.  “See you later Angelique.”
     “Shalom to you too” replied Angelique.
     Both Sarah and Angelique continued to walk along the many streets of gold of the celestial city of the king.  Angelique introduced Sarah to many of the writers of the Bible.  She was especially happy to meet Jeremiah, who gave Sarah a beautifully embroidered silk shoulder bag to put all the scrolls she received from the king’s prophets.
     Sarah and Angelique continued to walk along the streets of Heaven, enjoying and taking in the beautiful sights and sounds of Heaven’s bliss.  Finally, Angelique pointed out a huge, golden mansion, embedded with all sorts of precious stones.
     “That’s our home Sarah”
     “Wow” cried Sarah, “It’s so beautiful and so big!”
     “Yes” replied Angelique, “and I often invite people over.  Moses has been my guest many times.  Adam, Eve, and Enoch came over a while ago too.  We really enjoy each others company” continued Angelique, walking towards the steps which lead to the mansion’s entrance.  “They told what life was like when they lived on earth.”
     “Do you remember your life on earth?” asked Sarah.
     “Not really” replied Angelique sadly, “if you remember from my tomb stone, I died when I was three months old.”
     “Oh” said Sarah, nodding her head slowly, “I wasn’t even allowed to be born.”  The two walked the remaining distance to the mansion’s front steps deep in thought.
     “Well” said Angelique, stopping in front of the twelve red-marble steps that lead up to the mansion’s ornate mother-of-pearl entrance, “This is home!”
     Sarah stared at the lovely, golden mansion with awe.  It was made of solid gold bricks with twelve rectangular shaped windows framed with pure silver.
     Embedded in the silver frames were rubies and sapphires.  The entrance of the mansion was framed roundabout with mother of pearl.
     Sarah and Angelique together walked up the twelve marble steps and passed through the entrance.  Inside the mansion were all kinds of geometric shaped sculptures.  Some were made of pure crystal and out of the crystal ran living water.  The floor was made of red and black marble inlaid with twelve Lapis Lazuli stars of David.
     There was a large, marble table with twelve chairs of velvet cushions.  On the table were dishes made of pure gold with crystal goblets by their side.  In the center of the table were large plates also made of pure gold which held all kinds of nuts and fruit.
     There was a skylight made of pure, transparent crystal which allowed radiant light to come through.  This light emanated from the Lamb’s Throne of Grace, which also illuminated the entire city of the king.
     “Let’s go upstairs and I’ll show you our room” said Angelique, pointing to a winding black marble and jasper staircase.  The railing that was on either side of the staircase was made of pure gold embedded with rubies and emeralds.
     The two girls climbed the staircase and entered what appeared to be a large bedroom with two large beds made of shittim wood overlaid with pure gold. The mattresses were made of pure satin, stuffed with lamb’s wool.  Covering the mattresses lay dazzling white satin sheets with matching satin pillows.  On the wall beside the beds were bookshelves divided into 66 squares.  The bookshelves were also made of shittim wood, overlaid with gold.
     “This is where you will put your scrolls Sarah” said Angelique, pointing to the squares.  “One scroll for every square.  When you read the scrolls, you will remember every word as our memories here are perfect.”
     “Wow” exclaimed Sarah, “I’ll start to read right now.”
     She placed the scrolls she had received in the wooden squares on the wall beside her bed.  Sarah kept the first one she received.  Sitting on her ornate bed, untied the scroll and began to read.
     “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth……..” after a while she tied up the scroll and placed it in the first square.
     “Moshe wrote many wonderful things” Sarah remarked, “Too bad about Adam and Eve, that they listened to the serpent and lost fellowship with King Yeshua” said Sarah sadly.
     “Yes” replied Angelique, “but King Yeshua made it right again in that He loved the world so much that He went down to earth in human form.  He died on a cross and His blood cleansed all mankind of sin.  That is how we can all have a right fellowship with Him again.  For all those that believe on Him, he has given everlasting life.” (John 3:16)
     Angelique’s face shone with radiant light as she explained the words of the Apostle John to Sarah.  The girls embraced each other, overjoyed to be together forever in God’s holy eternal city.
     “Sarah” continued Angelique, “when people like us die as babies and young children, we don’t experience the spirit of rebellion caused by sin.  This happens to older people, so the king looks on us as innocent and perfect in his eyes.  When king Yeshua was on earth, he said once; ‘Let the little children come to me, for theirs is the Kingdom of God’ (Luke 18:16) He was talking about us.”
     “What’s out there?” asked Sarah, pointing to the doorway at the end of the bedroom.
      “That leads to the outside patio, come on, I’ll show you.”
      Angelique took Sarah by the hand and led her through the arched doorway which was also framed with mother of pearl.  The two went out onto the patio which was supported by beautifully carved marble pillars.  On the patio were flower pots made of red clay, from which grew many flowering plants giving the air a fragrance unlike anything on earth. 
     “See out there?” said Angelique, pointing to the distance.  “That is one of the tributaries of the River of Life which flows from the Lamb’s Throne of Grace.  Those trees that grow next to the river give all manner of fruit.”
     Sarah was enthralled by the beautiful sight of the river and trees, the lush emerald green grass and flowering meadows all around.  She was delighted with the aroma of flowers and the continuous music that was heard coming from the celestial temple.
     Sarah looked down from the upstairs patio and saw something that intrigued her.  “What’s that?” she asked, pointing to a rectangular crystal framed in pure silver.
     “Oh” replied Angelique, “that’s the crystal of images. Everyone up here has one of those.  Would you like to see it?”
     “Sure” said Sarah filled with curiosity.
     Angelique and Sarah went down stairs and out the back doorway which led to a ground level patio.  It was like the upstairs patio, but this one was surrounded by flowering trees and shrubs.  Twelve marble columns supported the upstairs patio, all carved with intricate designs.  The base of the downstairs patio was made of red marble inlaid with all sorts of precious stones.  Seven steps led from the patio to the lush carpet of green grass and flowers.  In the near distance was the River of Life, adorned with the fruit bearing trees.
     Angelique and Sarah approached the crystal of images which made a soft humming noise.
     “This is powered by the Lamb’s Throne of Grace” said Angelique, allowing Sarah to observe it closely.  The crystal was attached to a curved block of sculpted quartz, allowing the crystal to hang vertically, facing the viewer.
     “What does it do?” questioned Sarah, now intrigued by this strange object.
     “This allows us to see what is happening on earth” responded Angelique “Would you like to try it?”
     “Oh yes” cried Sarah, clapping her hands full of joy. “I’d like to see my mother again.”
     “OK” replied Angelique, “Just stand in front of it and pass your hand close to the crystal.”  Sarah went up and passed her little hand in front of the crystal, all the while, thinking of her beloved mother Leah.
     All of a sudden, multicolored lights appeared inside the crystal followed by an image.  It was the image of a woman laying down in a graveyard in front of a newly dug grave.
     Leah Holtz woke up from a deep sleep.  It had been the first time in weeks that she had slept so soundly.  She slowly got up; her body covered by newly fallen autumn leaves.  She had spent the night in the cemetery in front of her daughter’s little grave marker.
     The air was crisp and fresh. She got up and brushed off the leaves which clung to her worn sweater.  Her eyes filled with tears as she looked once more at the little wooden cross with the words “Sarah” inscribed on a small plaque which was nailed to the cross.   Leah had made her peace with God, with herself and above all, with her little daughter
     Leah pulled her sweater around her body as she left Old Oak cemetery and headed home.  There would be a lot to do in her apartment.  She could take her time as today was her day off from work.
     In spite of not having eaten anything since the day before, she felt full of energy.  She walked home quickly, arriving at her apartment in a matter of minutes.
     She put the key in the door lock and walked in.  The sight she saw caused her to gasp.  “Oh my God Leah” she said to herself out loud, “How could you have lived like this?”
     Looking around she saw a dirty apartment, with empty beer and wine bottles scattered here and there.  Her wedding picture which once hung on the wall lay shattered on the floor amidst pieces of broken glass.
     There were piles of dirty dishes in the sink, and the carpet was dirty with bits and pieces of food particles everywhere.
     “Well”, Leah said to herself, “Time to clean up.”
     With those words, Leah went to work.  She went to the closet and took out a vacuum cleaner, a mop, and a bucket.  She went to the kitchen and looked for some liquid cleaner and rags.  When she had gotten everything ready, she turned on the radio and looked for a Christian station that played popular praise and worship songs.  After the music started playing, she began washing all the dirty dishes, pots, and pans.
     Little by little, the dirty, grubby looking apartment came to life again.  Leah opened the windows to allow the fresh, crisp autumn air in.  She danced and sang the words to the different songs and praise hymns she heard on the radio.
     She started up the vacuum cleaner, passing it back and forth across the living room floor.  She was so involved with her cleaning that she almost didn’t hear a soft knocking at the door.  Leah turned off the vacuum for a moment to be sure of the noise.  The knocking at the front door repeated a few times more.
     Leah wondered who it could be as she had not received many visitors since her husband had left her.  She went and opened the door to find a rather large man with a duffel bag by his feet. He looked rather old and dirty with disheveled hair and a small amount of beard growth.
     He hung his head down, not even lifting it when Leah opened the door.  He was a pitiful sight to lay eyes on, a symbol of depression and utter failure.
     “Yes, may I help you sir?” asked Leah, trying to look into this man’s face.  In the past, she had seen many homeless people sleeping under bridges.  They were usually by the highways with painted signs asking for pennies.  From time to time she had given a dollar or two or some change.  She thought that perhaps this man was a homeless guy, coming to ask for a bit of change.
     The man finally lifted his head and looked Leah in the eyes.  “Hello Leah”,
he said rather sheepishly.  Leah looked deeply into his face, a face she had known for years.
     “Roger?” she asked, backing away a few feet.  But yes, it was him, the husband who had left her for another woman.  Now he was back, humbled it seemed a sight of defeat.
     “Yes Leah, it’s me” responded a very different Roger Holtz, no longer the proud, arrogant flirt as before, but now a very humbled and meek man.
     “May I come in?” he asked, looking hopefully into Leah’s eyes.
     “Your name is still on the lease, so it’s still your place” said Leah rather quietly, turning her back to Roger.  She went to the living room window leaving a rather meek Roger Holtz at the door.  Roger entered and sat down on the living room sofa, leaving his duffel bag just inside the door.
     Leah continued to stare out the living room window, her mind being absorbed with memories, memories of a wedding day and a short lived relationship ending with deceit and unfaithfulness. 
     “You have no idea how much you hurt me Roger” shouted Leah as she whirled around and walked quickly to the sofa to confront her husband. 
     “I know I was wrong” said Roger, looking up at Leah, his eyes expressing sadness and remorse.  “I can’t undo what I did, I can only ask for your forgiveness.”
     Leah looked at a very different Roger sitting there on the sofa.  She knew in her heart that she had to forgive him since God forgave her for what she had done to her innocent unborn daughter.  Was she any different than Roger? Roger had destroyed their marital relationship, but Leah had destroyed a life that was within her.  Which was the worst sin?  Leah knew what she had to do.
     “Roger” began Leah slowly, “I’ll forgive you for walking out on our relationship, but it isn’t easy.  Wounds take time to heal, especially emotional wounds.”
     Leah now came over to the sofa and sat down beside her husband.  Roger looked at Leah with all sincerity and tenderness.  “Thank you Leah” he began,
“I’m different than before, I know the LORD now, I really know Him.  I accepted Jesus as my LORD and Savior.”
     “When did that happen?” asked Leah, looking at Roger with wonder and awe.
     “Just today” responded Roger.  “Do you remember Eddie Williams from our high school football team?”
     “Sure” replied Leah, “Big Eddie the quarterback, all 250 pounds of him, who can forget all the touchdowns he made?”
     “Well” continued Roger, “I saw him on the football field at the city bible college.  I went to the college to look for work.  I waved to him and we started talking about old times.  I told him how I had left you and that I was with Cindy.”
     Roger paused and hung his head.  “I still can’t believe I did that.”
     “Go on Roger” said Leah, gently touching his hand, “Remember I forgive you.”
     “Well” continued Roger, “When he heard that I had left you for Cindy, he turned and walked away, then stopped and just turned around and charged me like a linebacker on the opposing team.” Roger paused for a few seconds, not knowing how to continue.
     “And then what happened” asked Leah rather quietly, her interest now aroused.  Her soft voice encouraged Roger to continue.
     Taking a deep breath, he continued.  “He tackled me, knocking me off my feet and when I hit the ground, he sat on my chest and opened up a bible and started reading it.”
     “Big Eddie with a Bible?” replied Leah with surprise.  “I can’t believe it, but wow, that’s awesome.”
     “I tried to get up”, Roger continued, “but Eddie held me to the ground and told me that I was going to listen to him.”  Roger paused and took another deep breath.  “He told me that I did wrong in leaving you and that I should return to you and honor my commitment to our marriage.”
     “God works in mysterious ways Roger” said Leah quietly.
     “Then he started reading from the New Testament” continued Roger, “and told me how Jesus had died for my sins and that I needed to have a real relationship with him.  You know what Leah? What he was saying really made sense to me for the first time.”
     As Roger looked into Leah’s eyes, she saw something different in him. He had that sincere look, a ray of hope, a sincere desire for a new beginning.
     “And….what did you do Roger?” asked Leah, her voice ever so gentle.
     “I accepted Jesus as my LORD and Savior; really I did, with all my heart.  I felt a real change come over me.”
     Leah reached out and took his hands in hers.  “You’re born again now Roger, now we both have a home in Heaven.”
     “Wow Angelique” said Sarah jumping up and down in front of the crystal of images, “did you hear that? Now both my mom and dad will be here some day with us and King Yeshua, and with all these people up here!”
     “Yes” replied Angelique with a smile, embracing Sarah, “It is so wonderful when the whole family is part of Yeshua’s family.  We have so much reason to rejoice in the LORD.”
     The two continued to gaze into the crystal of images, observing the couple on the sofa, a couple now joined together in faith, through the covenant of the King.
     “As soon as Eddie let me up” Roger continued, “I embraced him and thanked him for sharing the love of God with me.  I ran back to where I was living with Cindy.  I didn’t even want to look at her.  I just ran into the bedroom, threw all
     my clothes in this duffel bag and ran out the door.”
     “And Cindy?” asked Leah with questioning eyes, “What did she do?”
     “She just stood there with her mouth hanging open, wondering what was going on” replied Roger.  “I told her quickly that I was going back to you.”
     “And what did she say?” asked Leah, now really intrigued.
     “Well” continued Roger, “she just threw out a string of cuss words and slammed the door behind me.  I didn’t look back Leah, I just ran as fast as I could away from there.  I belong here with you.  Can I stay?”
      Leah looked into Roger’s pleading eyes.  Yes, he had done wrong, but so had she.  If the LORD had forgiven her, who was she to turn her husband away?  The prodigal husband had returned, now, equally yoked.
     “Yes Roger” replied Leah lovingly, “You can stay, it’s your home, and it’s our home.  Now we’re a family united in Christ.  He heals all hurts.”
     Roger embraced Leah with all tenderness.  “We’re a re-united family Leah” said Roger with tears in his eyes, “You, me, and our little one we’re expecting.”
Roger gently touched Leah’s empty womb.  At his touch, Leah recoiled and quickly got up from the sofa and went over to the window again.  She tried to hold back the tears, but they still came.
     “I’m not pregnant any more” cried Leah, her voice echoing both anger and sadness.
     Roger just sat there rather shocked, his eyes wandering from her womb to her eyes.  “You had a miscarriage?” he asked.  “That’s OK; we can always have another child.”
     “It was an abortion Roger!” shouted Leah, her eyes flashing with hurt.  “An abortion! Did you hear? I was angry at you for leaving me.  I hated you and I struck out at our precious, innocent daughter to get even!”
     Roger couldn’t respond.  He didn’t know what to say. He just continued to stare at Leah’s now angry countenance. 
     “She’s dead Roger, do you hear? Dead!” cried Leah, with tears streaming from her eyes. “I killed her, I killed our unborn daughter, and she’s dead!”
     “No mommy, I’m not dead.  I’m alive up here in Yeshua’s kingdom” shouted Sarah, jumping up and down in front of the crystal of images, waving her hands in the air trying to get her mother’s attention.  “I’m alive up here with my friend Angelique and…”
     “She can’t hear you Sarah” interrupted Angelique, embracing Sarah, looking deep into her eyes.   “People on earth can’t hear or see us up here.”
     “I wish my mom and dad could hear and see me” said Sarah, looking up at Angelique with wishful eyes.
     “I know that Sarah” replied Angelique lovingly, “but I think that deep in your mother’s heart she knows that you’re alive and well up here.”  The two embraced each other with heavenly tenderness.
     Sarah and Angelique continued to gaze into the crystal of images observing the emotional scene back on earth.  Husband and wife now reconciled, still needed to go through the healing process.
     Roger continued to look at Leah.  Deep hurt now showed in his eyes, but amidst the hurt, there was the look of forgiveness and peace.  He knew that he was partially to blame, but this would be a new beginning.  There would have to be total forgiveness.
     “I forgive you Leah” said Roger, now embracing his wife.  “God forgives you too.  You of all people ought to know that.  You have been a believer for many years and know more about God’s love than I do.”
     Roger cupped Leah’s face in his hands.  His words were like honey, sweetening her sorrowful soul.  “One thing I know,” continued Roger, “Our little girl is alive in God’s kingdom, and I am sure she’s looking down at us right now.”
At these words, both Roger and Leah looked up toward the ceiling of their small apartment.
     “Angelique, look!” cried Sarah all excited, pointing to the figures in the crystal of images, “they’re looking at us, see? They’re looking right up at us, they can really see us.”
     “Yes” smiled Angelique, “it seems that way doesn’t it?” 
     “Let this be a new beginning for both of us” said Roger, embracing his wife.
Leah’s eyes filled with tears of joy as she accepted her husband’s embrace.  Yes, she knew she had been forgiven.  Her heart was filled with joy to know that both God and her husband had forgiven her.  She would have to forgive herself now.
     “Pastor Anderson still needs a maintenance worker at the church, if you still need a job” said Leah, knowing that a new beginning with only one paycheck would be a little tight.
     “Do you think he would accept me?” asked Roger hopefully.
     “Now that you are a genuine member of the family of God, I don’t think he would have any problem accepting you,” said Leah, knowing that her “new Roger” would put his whole heart and soul into their renewed relationship, new job included.
     “Well” replied Roger, “why don’t we go visit Pastor Anderson now, I’d like to share our new beginning with him.”
     “Great idea” said Leah, her face aglow with joy.  “It would be a great testimony and it’s almost time for the Wednesday evening service.  The pastor will also be very surprised to see me again, after all this time away from church.”
     The two embraced each other again, two renewed hearts and lives ready to embrace a renewed relationship with the LORD’s guidance.
     Sarah and Angelique stood watching the couple in the crystal of images.  Sarah sensed their love and renewed devotion to each other, and to King Yeshua. 
     “I’m so happy that both my mom and dad will be with us here someday” said Sarah, beaming with joy.
     “Yes” replied Angelique, “They are both children of God now.  They will have a home here in Heaven too, just like we do.” 
     Sarah and Angelique stepped back from the crystal of images.  The embraced couple slowly faded away until the crystal returned to its former transparency.
     “I have an idea, let’s go over to the River of Life and pick some fruit from the trees,” said Angelique, pointing to the row of fruit trees that grew by the river’s edge.  There were all kinds of fruit bearing trees; including vines producing ripe green and purple grapes. 
     Sarah looked around and found 3 wicker baskets at the foot of the mansion’s marble steps.  She picked them up and handed two of them to Angelique. 
“Are we going to eat all the fruit ourselves?” questioned Sarah with wondering eyes. 
     “Of course not,” laughed Angelique, “We’re going to invite Moses, Joshua, and Aaron over to enjoy the meal with us.  Then they can tell you how life was like when they lived on earth.”
     “Wow!” exclaimed Sarah, full of excitement, “that would be great.  I have so many questions to ask them.”
     “Well, shall we go?”
     “Yes” said Sarah with a smile, “Let’s go!”  So both Angelique and Sarah, baskets in hand, walked down one of the many flowering paths that lead to the River of Life.

by Jacob Ben Avraham

____________________________________________ _______________________