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Christian stories: Telescope
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Chapter one. Telescope

All was begun with that Dad came to me and said:
“I will lead you to your dreams”.
Thereafter I looked out the window and saw a manor in the forest. Forest animals moved beyond the trees of the forest.
Yet outside the window, further than the forest, mountains could be seen. Their tops and slopes were covered by white snows.
The room we were in, was filled by pillows to the walls.
A soft fluffy animal toy lay not far away from me.
I looked around and saw everywhere lay great number of different soft and fluffy toys.
Daniella and I were in a bed. I felt as outside a window Dad called us in a trip. Daniella and I hugged and I asked her:
She smiled and answered:
We kissed.
Then we went down to the garage, got into the car and departed on a trip.
We drove out from a manor and submerged in the forest. We rode on a forest road. Trees surrounded us on either side. The branches of trees were sometimes swaying from air flows.
On the right near a road, under the branches of trees, a sign appeared. On a sign there was an inscription:

“Home Locality”

Home Locality was the land which we lived in. We traveled on it and submerged in the movements of Dad in it. Beyond this locality there was the land which we called Locality of Secrets and Wonders. According to our feelings movement of Dad there were yet deeper, than here, however not all movements of Dad we studied in this locality, and Dad did not give to us a sign to travel in Locality of Secrets and Wonders.
Forest animals walked between the trees of the forest.
Through time trees parted and opened to the look a manor which I saw from a window. We drove up to him along the forest road.
Approaching, we saw the gate, and beyond them a garden.
A gate was moved aside, and the car drove on territory of manor. Around trees stood and fogs floated. The car rode on an alley where a building of manor stood.
We passed the alley of garden and stopped at the court of manor.
We went outside and walked up a veranda on several steps. Before us was an entrance door on which a tablet hung with an inscription appeared: “Researcher”. A door was closed.
On a veranda a compendium lay on a table.
We opened a compendium and saw inside the written story.
The Researcher was not once partaken with us by the stories, and this was span-new story which we did not see before, therefore we sat down for a table and began to read it:

“Day one.

I was in the rooms of manor, where a great number of pillows was on the floor, and the forest could be seen in windows.
I looked from the windows on the forest.
The forest, I felt it, was full secrets and wonders which was diffused by Dad, and attracted me these secrets and wonders and called me there.
Forest animals dwelt in the forest. Sometimes I saw their figures, moving next to the border trees of the forest.
I got down to the garage, sat in the car and departed in the forest.
A forest road was stretched forward among the depths of the forest.
I conducted a car on a forest road. Floated to left and right branches of trees.
Sometimes there were little twinkling lights stones which lay on forest glades.
In one place, on the right of road, I saw a crystal.
I stopped the car , went outside and walked up to the crystal. I took a crystal in hands and took it to the car.
A forest road was stretched further.
I decided to bring a new find to the home, to study it, sat in the car and departed back in the domestic manor.
In the manor I laid the crystal found in the forest on a table.

Day two.

The next day I again was going to ride to the forest.
I looked in the window and saw as white fogs surrounded all territory of manor : building, garden and stone fence.
A crystal lay on a table.
I got down in a garage, sat in the car and departed outside.
White fogs floated everywhere.
I passed a garden and drove up to the gate.
However to drive out of the gate of garden I was not able because beyond a gate, closing all passage-way, a bear lay. White fogs enveloped him partly. After this bear, I saw a few lying bears.
I went back into the manor and saw the image of animal on one face of crystal.
I ran a hand over the image of animal.
Then I got binoculars and looked in the window and beyond white fogs, in intervals between fogs, looked over as bears, lying on the ground near a gate and around the stone fence of manor, began to rise and go away to the forest.
White fogs dispersed, and near a gate and around the stone walls of manor nobody was more.
Then I took a crystal, got down in the garage and sat in the car. I smiled. Today I was going to return a crystal to the forest, and then to pass yet further in the forest and to see his yet greater secrets and wonders”.

Records were closed in this place.
A few little twinkling lights stones lay on the floor of veranda. I saw exactly such stones in the forest. Thus lights on stones twinkled now and then so, that harmonized with the atmosphere of space around.
We went out on a street and departed further to the observatory.
From one side of road secret gates appeared in the forest. They stood not far away from a forest road among the trees of the forest and were closed.
Through time an observatory appeared ahead.
A car drove through gates, then through a garden and stopped at an internal court.
We entered in building of observatory and began to go on his internal apartments.
We walked up the first floor and went down a corridor. Then climbed the stairs in a tower.
At the top of the tower there was a room with an opening up dome. A telescope stood in a room.
We walked up to the long telescope which was before a window and glanced in him and saw the manor of secrets and wonders in a mysterious depth, in the window of which the Mysterious Traveller placed a white crystal in the favourite by Her place of building. White fogs surrounded the manor of secrets and wonders gradually.
“What secrets and wonders could dwell there?” – I thought, looking through the telescope.
Through time we went back downward.
Since then secrets and wonders of the forest, created by Dads movements, were opened before us. A Dad gave to us a sign to travel in Locality of Secrets and Wonders, and now we irresistibly attracted in the depths of the forest.

Next stories and graphic version of stories is at:
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