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Grief and sorrow
« on: Fri Dec 27, 2019 - 21:50:15 »
Can I say, that the Lord is the cause of my anger for my lost, or did I cause myself somehow to do something, did something happening that I don’t understand, I must look back in my life or to see the cause before I accuse someone and something, and the only one I see is God or was it of my own action? I felt somewhat betrayed of losing my family member, I didn’t blame the Lord for I knew that is all rightness and he is the giver of life there is no lie in him, How can I know this to be true?  I see my memory of what I lost, I knew that pain will continue and life witnessing many things happening all at once, if I sleep I may put on a song or two and, to pass the time, as I lay down, my mind starts wonder always the question why? God, There is no easy answer. Can God also see my Grief, I say yes, Lord do you see my lost, let not my heart be in pain, I can’t live in anger all my life, must be answer, but this I know she would not want me to remember with Grief and sorrow, I must remember and honor her memory, not by my anger, take hold on me, but to celebrate her life with life, for I know for because I put away my anger for I am young as she gave me in my life, I’ll see her in the star, and that I shall be, so I’ll make bad memories into life for her as she made me, I’ll walk in fields of gold in her memories, let the rain upon my heart Lord     

Jeremiah 33:3'Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you greater and mightier things, which you do not know.'

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Re: Grief and sorrow
« Reply #1 on: Fri Mar 26, 2021 - 20:54:42 »
Gee, this thread is months old, first I've seen it ```

Brother I may understand a small bit of your pain and grief, I am there at this very moment, having the empty, lonely, beaten feeling that nothing is there to fill or explain the why of it ```

Dear Lord Please go to the aid of our brother, Your Child, sooth his hurt, give him rest and comfort, help him Lord, and If I and all our brothers and sisters who are in such a hurt, Please Lord help us ```

Park Austozo ~ Glory to God ```