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« on: Mon Jan 15, 2018 - 02:29:30 »
I am 14 years into my marriage which has been a beautiful ride until 2 months before when my husband confessed that he had his attention on someone else only to help the person come out of the feelings she has been nurturing for him. Although he tried his best to help her , she was still hanging on to him and his thoughts after which he confessed and let her go. Although we had a phase of downtime our relationship has been healed since then.

After this a colleague confessed that he has been attracted towards me because of how I am. For me, he is someone who draws quite a lot of respect from me because of his age. We had sometime to drive yesterday which was when he confessed this.
I do not have any inner feelings and neither does he. The fact that I spend sometime with him is driving me crazy. I love my husband a lot and i know it will break him if I told him. Praying so hard for God's help, comfort and peace. I cannot leave my job and I have been asking God for a change for sometime now and now this has become more earnest. I feel like I have sinned so greatly that God's wrath will consume me. ::cryingtears::