Author Topic: How to strengthen a relationship with God and with Significant other?  (Read 1258 times)

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Hello, I hope that all is well.
This is going to be quite a bit of a personal post and I would like some advice.
I have been dating my current Girlfriend for over 4 years now and I was planning going to propose to her very soon. She is now in her 2nd year of medical school and I am starting my 2nd semester of Physical Therapy school.
Her and I have been long distance for about an year and it was definitely tough on both of us. Not only did we rarely see each other before, but now that she is away it made it a but tougher. But I believe we both tried our best to still be there for by visiting and consistently communicating.
Recently she has become unhappy with the relationship. She did point out some things that she was unhappy with (other than the distance), but one that stood out to both of us is our relationship with God. Ever since she has entered medical school, her relationship has gotten weaker.
We both would like to strengthen our relationship with God, but she believes that it is difficult to both strengthen our relationship with God while strengthening our relationship.
Although I personally think that I need a lot of work to strengthen my relationship with God, I really do believe that it is possible to strengthen both relationships; our relationship with God and the relationship between the both of us.
As a future husband (not official) she would like me to be the firm foundation to our spiritual life and I would love to step up to the plate, however it is true that I haven't been the best example at times and I still have a lot of work to get there. I want to get to that point, however I do not want to rush it or make it a superficial love for God. I want to make it a strong relationship between God and I so then that can be transcended to our relationship.
But I believe that she wants that now. And I can't promise that. I promise that I will get there but not this quickly.

Very long story short.
What do you recommend for us to do in order to both of us to strengthen our relationship with God, while still strengthening our relationship and staying together as a couple blessed by God's presence while under the stresses of Medical school?

Any type of passage or prayer that you would recommend or anything really! I really would like for both of us to get closer to God and to stay loving one another.

Thank you.
God bless.

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I actually typed out a very detailed reply to this.  Then when I hit submit my internet connection crashed.  SO here is the short version.

Things I would recommend:

A. Bible reading and study.  Do this in 3 pieces. 
1. Detailed systematic study through a book a few verses a day.  Get a good study bible, commentary, or bible software.  Just take a couple of verses and determine their original meaning, then apply from there.  Don't do random verses, but be systematic.  Context is key.
2. Do a larger reading.  A couple of chapters at a time.  I recommend a bible in a year plan.  There are several out there, and you can customize the start date so you don't have to wait until Jan 1.
3. Bible memorization.  Find verses that are meaningful to you and memorize them.

B. Prayer.  At least 2 or 3 times a day.  Use an app or keep a small notebook to keep a prayer list and write down things to pray for.  Read the prayers in the bible and model your prayers after them.  Pray with your girlfriend as often as you can.

C. Go to church regularly.  Find a church that teaches the bible is authoritative, inerrant, and infallible.  Find a church with a pastor that teaches the theology as well as the application.  A church that practices church discipline.

D. Find an older mature Christian friend who can help you grow and be a mentor to you.  Ask your pastor if he knows a guy like that. 

E. Be a part of a men's group.  At least one that does bible study.  An accountability group would be even better.  Guys that can help you in personal progressive sanctification.