Author Topic: Dealing with past, looking to the future-sin causes spiritual & physical problem  (Read 639 times)

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Too many events happen from porn addiction and sexual addiction.  Recently had to block a  married woman on facebook who  who was playing games with me.  Enticing me in to the point where we were sending pictures.  We met in public and drove to private spot and I made a move, but she resisted.  Then she starts wanting me to stay in contact and take it slowly.  Along with working second shift and thirds I lost my sister a few weeks ago.  Being a single man I think it made me more vunerable.  That meeting really scared me.  I am no longer wanting that.  I want change.  I have admitted to the sin with the preacher of the congregation I attended even told him I had to unfriend this person.  At 47 with these things happening it has happen me to my core.  It has in the past, but not as much as it has now.   As a resource I have found in addition to is this    My pasts actions are causing me doubt and anxiety attacks.  I am learning to get rid of them and know that I am forgiven.  It's  a daily walk for me as with all Christian men.  As far as I'm concerned the Bible is right and your soul is at sake if you don't turn away.   The turmoil causes doubt and amplifies the "what ifs".  Tired of the uncertainty.  I am tired of the attacks by Satan.  I want my sword and sheild back.

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