Author Topic: Got struck by romantical loneliness again  (Read 1693 times)

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Got struck by romantical loneliness again
« on: Tue Dec 12, 2017 - 08:30:53 »
Hello everyone, it's me Alma once again in these forums. For all those that don't know, sometime ago I wrote how lonely I felt because I couldn't find a virgin woman at my age (Currently 22). Fastforward a couple of months, I could get rid of that nasty feeling of loneliness and keep progressing on every aspect of my life (work, studies, health). To be short, sometime ago I met a girl that is younger than me. She started sending messages, it was fun to talk to her. Fastforward a little bit, she started teasing me with hot pics of her. I'm not going to lie, I did get aroused from those but I didn't send any pics from me. As she lives in a city nearby, she kept asking me to visit her because she could "Show me some tricks" (she knew I was virgin). I never visited her but did have some videocalls (nothing erotic). To make this story short, just as I felt I could get past her past I found out MORE about her past. She did things way too nasty to even write on these forums and she is only 17. And what troubled me the most is that she didn't feel remorse  ::eek:: even when she claimed she was Christian. I stopped talking to her telling her that I didn't judge her or anything but I didn't feel comfortable having a relationship(what she wanted) or friendship with her. Just before we stopped talking to each other, she hurt me right where is hurts me the most, on the feeling of never finding anyone and said all the arguments I've once heard "This is 2017" "We're are no longer on the Middle Age" "You're a fool for having that aim" "You're going to die alone".

To make this short, I needed to share this with somebody. I didn't want to share it with my family because I find it awkward and I already talked about this subject in the past with my siblings. Just by writing this thread I feel a lot better! Still, loneliness struck me again  ::help:: thank you for reading.

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Re: Got struck by romantical loneliness again
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