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Port issue
« on: Sat Jul 02, 2016 - 18:25:12 »
My wife recently caught me masterbating to porn, and she has caught me before and I have lied to her about it before.  I have a hard time telling the truth about it and a hard time staying away from porn; I hate it and I never want to do it, but I somehow end up doing it again, any advice to help me would be great.

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Port issue
« on: Sat Jul 02, 2016 - 18:25:12 »

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Re: Port issue
« Reply #1 on: Mon Jul 04, 2016 - 13:06:25 »
First, you need accountability.  Both in person and software.  Covenant Eyes keeps a log of websites you visit and reports them to the person you choose.  There are others available as well.  Find a man in your church you feel comfortable being open with.  If your phone is an issue, keep it somewhere else at night.

Second, I seriously recommend biblical counseling. Whether from your pastor or a trained/certified counselor.  And biblical counseling, not just "Christian counseling".  Look here.

Third, keep a journal.  Write down when you fall. What happened before?  What time?  Is there something in common with the times you fail?  How do you feel afterwards?  Are you loving your wife as Christ loved the church?  Remember how you feel afterwards and think about that when you are tempted.
But also track your victories.  Is there something you do regularly when you overcome temptation?

Memorize scripture.  Quote it when you are tempted.  Pray when you are tempted.  Call your accountability partner when you are tempted.  Pray with your wife when you are tempted.