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« on: Fri Jul 19, 2013 - 05:36:08 »
Come and hearken for a moment and turn not away from the hearing for good things. For I shall tell you all of victory over the flesh, yea the flesh is weak against the wisdom of God. But, a man who liveth without discipline shall be requited with the fruit of his lack.

When a man goeth forth to indulge in lawlessness, which is sin, it seemeth to be that many other sins cometh alongside the first. Like water captured and released so dost one sin rush forth to another. Like a friend that cometh to aid in times of trouble so doth sin beget more sin when a man keepeth not the law.
Therefore be wise my kinsmen, defendeth thyselves whilst ye are tempted that ye sin not; not double and not thrice. Yea, do what is lawful and good whilst you are tempted that you may escape the trap laid before you by the enemy.

You all saith Lord, Lord I have kept thy law, therefore look upon me with favor! But, I say that a man who lusts hast not kept the law. Yea, he hath broken it and become unclean. Therefore, discipline thyselves that you may keep the law of purity and let no immoral thought that cometh to your mind maketh its home within you.