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Author Topic: Welcome and Rules  (Read 7982 times)

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Welcome and Rules
« on: Tue Sep 13, 2011 - 21:57:34 »
Welcome to GraceCentered.com's free-form, play-by-post, massively-multiplayer online Christian role-playing game forum. Here you can use your imagination and creativity to play Christian RPG (Role Playing Games) in different "universes" as listed in this category. Please follow the Playing Rules which apply to each "Forum Universe" or as stated below. As we are just starting, we ask interested members to contribute and help create this multiverse.

Player’s Guide

Please read the following guide first before posting.

RPG (Role Playing Game):

In brief summary, a RPG is where players create their own characters and play them in a universe/world, according to post rules to make up a story. If a world is already set up by a member or the forum then the characters are to be played according to the culture, location and history set down in the world.


- Play by post rule: you must play by post, meaning when A finishes a post, B is to respond by making his own post. Everyone takes a turn in posting; this is mainly because of the fact that A has to watch for B’s move and vice versa (and with additional posters).

- Control of other players’ characters are permitted, but only minimal control is allowed, exception would be when the players grant you total control, or when the players abandon their characters.

Example: poor control:
Kaylith jumped over a log to Salinea’s rescue, relief flooded through her at the sight of him and she fainted as the creature turned around at his yell, ready to face a more dangerous foe.

Good control:
Kaylith jumped over a log to Salinea’s resuce, he had a glimpse of her relieved face before the creature turned around at his yell, ready to face a more dangerous foe.

Note: never control other players’ characters to the extent that result in changes of their personalities. In here, Salinea was a strong girl, and she would not have fainted.

- The number of characters is not restricted, one character is recommended so to develop the full potential of the player, as well as the character you are controlling.

How to start:

You either start a thread or join in a story. The making of a thread is explained later on. The first post usually includes a character bio (or link to it in the RPG Character Forum for the purpose of linking to in other posts), the general form of a character bio is shown below to assist you in creating your own character in the RPG Character Forum (Database).

Hair Color:
Bio (history):

In some universes, players may feel the need to add extra headings, like “weapons
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