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Title: I am so Blessed !
Post by: grams on Wed Jun 25, 2014 - 05:10:46
I was just sitting and watching  junk on  TV and my mind started to wonder on my life.

How Blessed my husband and I are with our children !

First of all our first born son is now a preacher on  Creation !
Is married and his wife has 4 children.

Our daughter is married and has 3 children and a good husband.
And she is a nurse.

Our 3rd. born son is married and the Dad of 8 children !
His wonderful wife wants more and he said that all !

He was going to be in a band !   He was a drummer and won a lot of awards.   I thought he was going to be famous !
He kept starting  groups and then leaving.
I just could not figure this out.
Finely !  I found out the truth.   After he would not tell me for years.
Band members  are into drugs.
And he wanted no part.   
As I said we are sure  Blessed !   :)
Title: Re: I am so Blessed !
Post by: chosenone on Wed Jun 25, 2014 - 05:30:05
Wow all those grandkids. I too am SOOO proud of my children and grandson. MY kids have been through so much, but they are all lovely kind and caring young adults. I also have a lovely DIL who is everything I could have wanted for my son.

 In the UK where I live, young couples just cant afford more than a couple of children, because housing is so terribly expensive. My nephew and his wife have one son. They only have a small 2 bedroomed flat(appartment), so probably wont have any more. My son and his wife have one baby. They only have a small 2 bedroomed home they are paying a very high rent for. They will only have one more for that reason and because she has to work as well to pay the bills. I do feel for young couples in the UK today, very few can afford to buy their own homes, especially in the South Of England. My older daughter has to share a home, because rents are so high. I am praying God will do a miracle for them to be able to have their own home. MY son and his wife may move up north because houses are far cheaper there.

Blessings to you and your family.
Title: Re: I am so Blessed !
Post by: grams on Fri Jun 27, 2014 - 05:33:17
Thank You !

Well , our children  live a distance away !   The closer one with the  8 children is the closest one to us now.   And with my husbands problems we can no longer go to visit them.   The others  are  not even in driving distance for us.    He has a back problem and has to use crutches  / canes to help  walk.    Surgery is out of the question .     I guess we have all sorts of  good  and hard day's.