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Author Topic: Are men or women more concerned about physical features of their potential mate?  (Read 4697 times)

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Physical features are important.
But more importantly is, do you agree spiritually?
It is the only thing that can guarantee a successful relationship. 

As Christians, everybody is watching us.

It is especially more important if you are singles.

But either you are a single or a married Christian, you should be a successful Christian in every aspect of your life.

No one is perfect, except God. But we have to keep moving forward, to be the best that God created us for.


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Somewhat, I would wanna be attracted. Having a nice smile and eyes always get me. But what counts really is more about the inside. Some guys are very good looking, but their personalities are not up to par. I like a respectful, nice, hard working man who has goals and ambitions for his life.

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