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Author Topic: Is it possible to accept a Christian as a future spouse who has had sexual past?  (Read 595 times)

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I was raised in a Christian home but I started dating a non believer who I thought would become saved and we would get married and have children with and I had sex with him.. He then turned around and said that he never wanted to become a christian after him going to church and us even praying together. I have broken up with him and I have sorted out my relationship with God but I can't help but think that there won't be someone who will accept the mistake that I have done..

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if they wont accept that one mistake then they arent worth having to be honest. I read about a pastor who married a woman who before her conversion was a prostitute. I remember thinking that he understands that when God forgives he washes us clean from all our past mistakes and sins.
To be honest,  you may find it hard to find a Christian guy who isnt a virgin anyway.

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Sweet little sister, I've have no doubt God can use your mistake for good. I also have no doubt if you learn from your mistake & stay away from those sweet talking Romeos,  & patiently wait on God, He will send you the man who is to be your husband. And... God will give him & you all the Grace necessary.

edit: To those who read the above. In no way I am excusing or condoning sex outside God's martial prescription. When I say " learn from your mistake" I am talking about repentance. As it is written; "godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of"
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I think people or Christians need to be balance. We always say that "yes, God will give you a man to marry." after having past mistakes. But you also have to be open that it's always 2-way "you get married" or "not". Only God knows that.

I advice is repent about it but don't expect To be 100% sure you will find someone.

I made so many mistakes from the past and I believe I'm forgiven. That doesn't guarantee I'll get married.

If you're open to both, life would be easier for you. No disappointments.

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