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Title: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: blituri on Fri Apr 16, 2010 - 16:22:31
We knew it long ago but Wade has confessed that the new name The Tulsa Workshop is his deepest wish for more overt expressions between churches of Christ and the NACC.  Now, Christian churches deny it as we deny that anyone at Tulsa speaks for us but the NACC has a name, address, telephone number, e-mail, tax numbler and an agenda.

That agenda began when the Christian churches sected out of the Disciples beginning in 1927 and culminating with the census count of 1971.  While those known as Churches of Christ were never "joined" in any sense with the Disciples other than some having their property taken so they could impose instruments, the NACC and their agents in the Churches of Christ love to claim that the ANTI-instrumental church is SECTARIAN because it split OFF the Christian churches. Some trick, since the NACC did not begin as a separate sect until 1927.

Using that false teaching as a GUILT CLAUSE they NACC has worked actively to force churches to either CONFORM to the use of instruments or AFFIRM that it is just a preference.  Those who continue to RESIST being confiscated and who continue to teache Bible and history 101aa about "music in the bible class) are marked as ANTI-instrumentalists and are fair game for games fair or foul to be attacked.

Because the cry is UNITY and the unity passage is primarily John 17 where Jesus prays for unity, their assumption from the old Stoneites is that UNITY trumps DOCTRINE.  Except, however, that no one will REMOVE the source of disunity (among many others).  "Unity" means YOU abandon your teaching and JOIN us and we can all be happy clappy people.

What they missed, however, is that Jesus identifies the WORLD and the tiny few who have been called OUT of the world under the rule of the World Ruler.  Jesus even says that He would not even PRAY for the WORLD much less be united with them just to show "union."

ALL Bible words are PREGNANT words.  We know exactly what is the WORLD, its Ruler and its religious practices. In contrast and conflict with the WORLD'S worship rituals, God in Christ ordained the SCHOOL OF THE WORD where the WORD is the inclusive and exclusive teaching resource. This is both Paul's and Peter's meaning of worship: to give heed to the Word of God. Disciples of Christ go to Bible classes where Christ is the sole teacher when -- even if no one hallucinated singing until the year 373 we would sing "that which is written" and the elders are BOUND to "teach that which has been taught."

The King for one year on the mountain top this year is Rick Atchley whose 'spirit' source told him that the worship of the starry host especially the burning of the goats with the Levite's loud noise was "God commanding instrumental praise and WE had better not be dissobedient" and WE had better not question the leadership.

Al Maxey is mounted mightily as the most RACAIZED person in history sowing discord right there as TOP GUN promoting unity.  Well, I have posted some stuff you cannot get at Anti Christ University.

Tulsa Workshop 2010

It seems that this is now just the HEADQUARTERS for the Progressives who have twisted Scripture to deliberately sow discord.  You know strong delusions performing lying wonders speaks of the musical and theatrical performances CLAIMING that they are speaking for God.

If you follow those links you can understand why Jesus marked the COSMOS as that massive segment of humanity TO WHOM He refused to preache other than in parables and WOULD NOT even pray for.
Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: zoonance on Fri Apr 16, 2010 - 20:32:24
The best evidence I've seen to attend the Tulsa Workshop.
Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: marc on Sat Apr 17, 2010 - 16:50:10
Blit, I'm a bit surprised you made the trip out there. My sister really enjoyed it--but she also enjoyed the Casting Crowns concert last night, which just might not be to your taste. So, how did you like it?
Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: Jimbob on Sun Apr 18, 2010 - 20:58:23
The best evidence I've seen to attend the Tulsa Workshop.
I know some of the folks who organize the whole thing.  They are, as I've seen their character, heart, and fruit in the kingdom, all the evidence I need to know this thread should be sent to the dumpster.

Christ-like lives speak louder than colorful hit-sites.  Or, put another way, "you know a tree by its fruit."

(edited to correct typo)
Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: DCR on Mon Apr 19, 2010 - 06:43:15
Manna to you, James.
Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: kanham on Sat Apr 24, 2010 - 19:44:55
it was excellent as usual. very inspiring.
Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: blituri on Wed May 05, 2010 - 21:19:27
If someone lied about all of the Bible's mention of instruments to deliberately sow discord and bait and switch a large congregation according to his Christian Church patternism, would you enjoy listening to him and endorse him at Tulsa? 

I have somewhat cleaned up my prophetic look (by using Scripture) of 2011 where "When Jesus sets you free."  Wade and all of the Tulsa people THINK that Jesus died to set US free so that HE can restore what Jesus called Devil worship with absolute FREEDOM to impose on US that for which Jesus died.

Based on having to call forth all of those who have lied about all of the "instrument" passages from the Bible and recorded history (without having read the context) and endorsing them, it seems that Wade is moving on to try to found a church in Texas.

What is TULSA spell backward?

    Jn 8:35 And a slave does not abide in the house forever,
            but a son abides forever.
    Jn 8:36 Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.
    Jn 8:37 “I know that you are Abraham’s descendants,
            but you seek to kill Me, because My word has no place in you.
    Jn 8:43 Why do you not understand My speech?
            Because you are not able to listen to My word.

These are the PATTERNISTS for most of the big-time Tulsa shooting stars.

Jn 8:44 You are of your father the devil,
        and the desires of your father you want to do.
        He was a murderer from the beginning,
        and does not stand in the truth,
        because there is no truth in him.
                When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources,
                for he is a liar and the father of it.

When you conduct ekklesia or synagogue, the resources have been provided free of charge (Isaiah 55) and you are not permitted to speak your own words (Isaiah 58).  That is because in the synagogue you PREACH Jesus by READING Jesus in the prophets and apostles.  All of those Keynoters I have read absolutely do not seem able to read any of the Bible.  That is how Jesus guarantees that a true Church as ekklesia WILL not have any wise sophists (rhetoricians, singers, players) or any of those of the WORLD (another music parable.)  It's just that simple and absolute.

That's why all with the NEED TO KNOW understand the CENI and don't need any further authority.

I suspect that Wade ran out of ANTI-Patternist gas?

Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: marc on Fri May 07, 2010 - 14:35:27
If someone lied about all of the Bible's mention of instruments to deliberately sow discord...., would you enjoy listening to him and endorse him at Tulsa?  

No, but there's no danger of you being invited to speak, so it likely won't happen.
Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: blituri on Fri May 07, 2010 - 22:00:53
Since Wade is going to Austin to do some "missionary work" and will use instruments, I understand the key speakers choices.  Seems like he tapped into the most likely supporters.  However, I had an email from an NACC type once tapped and I would not expect that the honorable Christian churches would support anyone who diverted.

Now: Rick says that the spirit (a spirit) stopped him in the middle of a sermon and told him that he was going to have to preach that agenda sermon he had not-too secretely for some of us about instruments.  It normally takes about 10 years to boil a frog in the Lynn Anderson mode but it took 12 years with a couple of other discording moves: the musical worship team (both a blasphemy and heresy) and the firing of the deacons and defense of the Deaconesses.

Now he had a White Paper from David Faust but they are all the same: using a lexicon and looking up all of the "instrument" passages and then saying GOD COMMANDED INSTRUMENTAL PRAISE and WE must not disobey.  Did I tell you that all of the "proof" for the psallo word speak of older males plucking the harp to seduce a youth?

A.  Now, the worship at the Temple was the worship of the starry host and serpents TO WHICH God had abandoned them to at Mount Sinai (missed Acts 7, huh?)

B. Then Christ as the Spirit in the prophets says that the BURNT OFFERINGS were not commanded so using the Levitical Warrior Musicians (noise makers) could not be commanded.

So, MARC believes Rick? Sure, I never met or read a preacher on the dole who knows about A or B.

I don't lie: I might if someone would let me preach or sing falsettoooo.

All of the prophecy of Revelation 17-18 is TOO perfectly fulfilled not to have some meaning at just the right time in years and in the transit through the dark rift.  John calls the rhetoricians, singers and instrument players SORCERERS (magican chants) and says that they are fodder for burning. Christ in Isaiah 30 had already defined the sights and sounds of Driving His enemies into "hell."

I would think about that.  You can't disprove a single thing I have prepared for
Tulsa Workshop 2011 where "something" is going to get UNCHAINED.

You might discover what Peter was warning about with that SPORTING word.  It was beyond redemption at Mount Sinai and in several other Bible examples. I have cleaned up

If I am wrong, I will imitate David and conclude that God doesn't punish the insane (Halal). If you are wrong? Jesus TOLD you NOT to go out to those gatherings.  Mass hysteria, you know, and evil companions corrupt good preachers.

Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: kanham on Sun May 09, 2010 - 19:00:45
I think I remember why I stopped coming out here.
Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: zoonance on Sun May 09, 2010 - 20:59:00
I think I remember why I stopped coming out here.

Hey K!    Ahhh.  Ignore Blit.  Nothing of substance. Keep on coming around.
Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: blituri on Sun May 09, 2010 - 21:13:29
I read some of your wimpy burger stuff and think I understand your problem: not one of those you link to knows WHAT IS A CHURCH?  If you don't know WHAT IS A CHURCH then you are going to be a miserable person.

If you gave away a billion dollars to the poor that would not get you any closer to being an EKKLESIA. Do you know that the civil ekklesia had ONE FUNCTION other than when it was invaded by the women: it had NO authority to introduce its own material to be read (as written), discussed and a conclusion reached.  The syllogos was a living SYLLOGISM.

The synagogue--a Greek Word--had the same role: it could not introduce any of its own material: it could not humm and owwe and wow amazing.  Jesus as the PATTERNISM stood up to READ (the scheduled passage) and uncommonly decently SAT DOWN. There was no preaching in the synagogue or church in the wilderness: that would smack God right in the mouth.

Christ ordained the Qahal, synagogue or Church in the wilderness AFTER the liars restored the old Egyptian musical idolatry which is universally marked as effeminate. Real men do do rituals.

It was INCLUSIVE of REST (from clergy), Reading and Rehearsing the Word of God. You see, a disciple does not do pagan rituals when the Master Teacher is speaking.

It was EXCLUSIVE of vocal or instrumental rejoicing. This word also excludes "elevated styles of speaking" which would identify a rhetorician Jesus called hypocrites.

That never changed and the deliberate, devilish sowers of discord don't have a clue and that is why Tulsa (spell it backward) is promoting THE WORSHIP OF THE STARRY HOST. See, your gang can't even read and understand Acts 7.

Paul outlawed doubtful disputations (all of what you heard at tulsa) which is personal opinions left to the marketplace where Jesus consigned the pipers, singers and dancers (swaying and clapping)

SELF pleasure outlawed in Romans 15 specificies all of the hypocritic artists Christ identified as speakers, singers and instrument players as the mark of COMMERCE.

The direct command is to use "that which is written" and written "for our learning" and defined as Scripture (not the lecture notes, not the wimpy praise singers)

Paul and Peter defined the assembly EXACTLY as it was commanded in the wilderness and MARKED as a false teacher any "private interpretation" which means "further expounding."

The ONLY worship concept by PAUL restored by the Campbells was "reading and musing the Word of God."  That which is written, Spirit, The Word of Christ etc. Neither ekklesia nor synagogue can inject a single word by its own authority.

Christ laid it out for us as the FREE WATER OF THE WORD in Isaiah 55 and commanded you not to spend our bread money for it: that, agrees Peter in 2 Peter 2 would REPUDIATE the face-to-face revealtion to the Apostles left as our example which means WRITTEN.

It took 400 years for preachers (self speak) and singing as an ACT (that's legalism) naturally to use the unwashed Bishops own songs to repudiate God's in Christ.  If in doubt about Tulsa there is NOT BIBLICAL FUNDING for these groupies so they MUST rob widows and honest working people to have the luxury to go pat one another.

The CHURCH has absolutely no social services mandate: Jesus said let ALMS go from your hand to the hand of the DESTITUTE and no one at Tulsa is destitute so they must be picking the widow's purse.

Jesus commanded OUR prayers be in OUR private closet without public observation: public prayers are ACTS.

You know, these days you do not have to be spirit literate or Bible literate to be the most expensively procured RHETORICIAN the primary meaning of HYPOCRITE which includes SINGERS.

I say that the latest spawn out of the once but never more Christian Colleges swiped from their owners CANNOT read black text on brown paper.  You like these "linkys" when Jesus said that if you speak the WORD, the WORLD will hate you. And Paul said that if you want to find Jesus He will be OUTSIDE the camps and marketplaces (Tulsa)  and we have to ESCAPE the massed multitudes (beast people) and suffer reproaches.

Christ in the wilderness, without a break, Paul's commands, historic practice and THE meaning of RESTORATION:

Church is A School of Christ
Worship is READING and MUSING the Word of God.
The Lord's Supper is an act of evangelism.

There is NO ROLE for these rhetoricians, singers, musicians and actors: Jesus called them Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES. It is not possible to promote MUSICAL WORSHIP for the SCHOOL OF THE WORD without lying TO God and ABOUT God and stealing the church house of Widows as the Purpose Driven Cultish outbreak of evil.

Christ in the prophets said that it was LUCIFER (Zoe) who introduced wind, string and percussion instruments into the world as the "singing and harp playing prostitute" who attacked Even in a sexual sense in Paul's clear warning.

The Serpent is defined as a musical enchanter(ess).

So, don't be surprised that the left-alive remnant when Jesus came the first time was the 120 native Jews, is a PATTERNISM for just about now.

Jesus told you NOT to go to Tulsa: the kingdom is NOT there but in your heart.

Luke 18:8 I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

Only butterflies go to the bright and flickering flames.
Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: blituri on Sun May 09, 2010 - 21:47:25

Eph 2:1 AND you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins;
Eph 2:2 Wherein in time past YE walked
according to the course of this world,

    according to the prince of the power of the air,
    the SPIRIT that now worketh in the children of disobedience: 

They shout from the pulpits that they are not bound by the commands of Father or Son because A spirit tells them that all of the CONDEMNATION of hypocritic arts and crafts is NOW God's Direct Command.  And you go to Tulsa and believe.  You know, a lying wonder defines all of the things you love when you see the Great Demonstration calculated to joke while they steal your souls.

WORKS: the ONLY word for LEGALISM in the Greek literature is the MUSICAL teaching of the Laws of Apollo (Abaddon, Apollyon).

Nomos I. anything assigned, a usage, custom, law, ordinance,
 II. a musical mode or strain, Aesch., Plat., etc.; nomoi kitharōdikoi Ar.
        2. a song sung in honour of some god, Hdt.; nomoi polemikoi war- tunes

The NOMOS of Athens was SOPHIA-ZOE which is opposed to the JEHOVAH-LOGOS.
The NOMOS of Sophia-Zoe encouraged love for young boys: maybe that is why all of the PROOFT texts for the plucking word points to older males collecting young males who were the youth ministers or priests of Cyble Paul warned about hoping they would let the knife slip.


Why do you suppose that people on the unlawful dole (more than teaching that which has been taught) get so nasty when they cannot find a jot or tittle to support them AFTER they have decided that they operate on the LAW OF SILENCE which means MAKE NOISE they think is music.  Why do you suppose that I can post all day, every day almost forever showing the MARKS of the BEAST which is defined as "A new style of song or drama."

Painting me insane is prophesied but it won't work for those OF TRUTH or OF FAITH: Jesus said the Father has HID Himself form those of the world or KOSMOS.
Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: larry2 on Mon May 10, 2010 - 00:15:55

blituri - You state that speakers, singers, instrument players and craftsmen are called sorcerers in Revelation 18:22-23.

larry2 - You left out the sound of a millstone, the light of a candle, the voice of the bridegroom and the bride; some bad things here? ?

And just what is all that other stuff you are pasting there? Who is going to understand you if you don't speak clearly? Are you giving a message in tongues without an interpreter?

So far you've not convinced me in English of your fear of instruments, what makes you think Greek will impress me?  ::smile::
Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: zoonance on Mon May 10, 2010 - 12:27:53
Basic old Matthew 15:1-20 verus Colossians 3:16-23.  Pharasee's attitude versus Paul's attitude.  Which one would you rather have when you stand in front of the great Judge on that Day? You can keep the made up rules.  Jesus already addressed that clearly enough.
Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: Johnb on Mon May 10, 2010 - 16:01:16
Zoo said
Hey K!    Ahhh.  Ignore Blit.  Nothing of substance. Keep on coming around.

I know I do.  It is always music the root of all evil.  I just scroll trough disjointed paste and copy junk from piney.
Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: kanham on Mon May 10, 2010 - 18:31:43
I do actually think there are a lot of bad things happening in the church today, I just don't happen to agree with much of what is typed by a certain poster. Tulsa is far from a problem. If anything they work very hard to be respectful to all.

They put a lot of work into the event and a lot of good teaching takes place. This years for me was one of the best I have attended. A great mix of topics that have been very helpful to my ministry. I wish more people would take time to experience the workshop.

Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: Johnb on Mon May 10, 2010 - 19:03:36
I am an x CoC preacher and an a x CoC member.  We are seaching for a new place to call home.
Title: Re: Tulsa Workshop 2010
Post by: kanham on Thu May 13, 2010 - 08:32:49

I thought you were at a DoC?