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Title: Never mind. It fixed itself after day 3
Post by: Ginger Rella on Mon Feb 11, 2019 - 14:33:10
I have a Yahoo email account for my main email.  I have had this for years and years. It is what I use for everything from Doctors to my mom needing an email address.

I have 3 laptop computers. One from 2012, that ws made in 2008 but the greenhorn I was at the time and brand new to
laptops did not question the geek who sold it to me, and delivered it to me... but I digress. A

I have a 2nd one from 2014. A Dell and the one I am writing on.

I have a 3rd one from 2015.that was gotten to replace the 1st one should it totally become unusable.

Yesterday I was looking at emails in the morning on LT#3  and I saw that I could not utilize all that I should ... ( see the list below)  But when I went on LT#2 or LT#1 yahoo email worked perfectly.

I unplugged and took the battery out and then replaced to see if that would jolt things.

I presently am letting the battery run dead on that one to see....

I looked for a Yahoo phone number... there is none... nor could I find an email for Yahoo to write about the issue and ask

I am thinking a virus or something that would affect Yahoo email on one LT only?

See this list and if you have any clues please tell me.  I did log out of that account incase..........

#1 I cannot delete any emails.

 #2. I cannot open any attachments

 #3 When I hit reply nothing happens

#4 when I hit forward nothing happens

 #5  when I type a letter into the address bar no drop down list occurs to select from

 #6 I cannot send a new email that I write.

 #7 I cannot delete a draft, trash or spam.

Now, there are only 18 items in the inbox and there should be 130 - 140 cause I get emails from everything and there were 130 when I got up this AM . Everything from yesterday and before are no longer there. Not in trash, just vanishing.

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Title: Re: Have you ever heard of emails working on 2 laptops but not on the 3rd?
Post by: Ginger Rella on Tue Feb 12, 2019 - 17:12:54
Anyone with any ideas at all...

OK... will need to get a new laptop.

Dell or HP?