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Seriously reading about Chrome books now
« on: Sat Aug 10, 2019 - 10:14:08 »
Mpw, as I asked in one of my other posts... Go cheap or Go more expensive.

It appears these are all designed to last a limited amount of time, similar to a laptop dieing....  Reading the following, and understanding that 5 years of supported updates is likely the max......... Some comments posted below...

Is cheaper necessarily always bad? Especially looking down the road....

Unless you're on a strict budget, I think it's worth buying something newer. I have a chromebook that will stop receiving updates this month, and I do indeed plan to keep using it. But there's no real way of telling how long this is practical or advisable. The updates are basically of two kinds: security patches and feature changes/upgrades. At some point changes in the browser -adding or removing things - will mean that some sites will no longer work as expected. Elsewhere someone said they upgraded when they could no longer stream from their preferred sites. If streaming is one of your main uses, it might be worth taking that as a warning. Many new chromebooks are inexpensive, and things go on sale frequently. I also advise staying away from ANdroid and Linux if possible, because they add complexity and most reported issues in this sub are about failures using those two things. There are games available for Chrome OS in the web store, and online for playing in the browser.

I pretty much do the same things you are wanting to do on a Chromebook.

I live on a pretty low fixed income and couldn't afford a very expensive Chromebook.

I ended up buying the Lenovo C330 which is scheduled to receive updates until 2022.

Here's the one I bought and have been using it problem-free for about 6 months now.

It supports android & Linux apps too. Has plenty of storage. (BTW- this is only an 11.16 screen.
I have never had less then a 15.6)

You'll definitely want newer updates. Google is changing the way ChromeOS works, and are doing major overhauls on it's system. Maybe not updates in 2021, but now? Definitely.

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Seriously reading about Chrome books now
« on: Sat Aug 10, 2019 - 10:14:08 »