Author Topic: Suddenly my computer won't create a page file, and CPU usage fluctuates to 100%!  (Read 2814 times)

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And now I'm having problems like the browser crashing on me when I try to use multiple tabs. I get a warning every time I start my computer about no paging file. I try to fix it, to find that the paging file is set to "0," but when trying to set another value it doesn't stick and the thing still says "0" for paging file and I keep getting the warning.

What should I do?

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make sure you  click the 'set' button when you change the pagefile, otherwise it will not  stay changed.  If that   doesn't help, go to Administrative Tools-Event Viewer and  in the applications log and the system log, have a look and see if there are  red buttoned  messages  entered for that session. If so click on the messages and see what application or module  is causing problems. That might give you a clue. Certain  apps can do this. One was an Intel one I recall,  but there are others.