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This is a copy and paste of an email I got....

What do you know about Yandex mentioned????


Google WILL pass your search results over to the FBI if they meet certain criteria
The so-called "elite" are getting scared, and are issuing threats against parents who are upset about common core and the teaching of their kids to be gay, plus hate their parents, plus hate their country, race, or even themselves (if boys) And because parents know this is going on now and have expressed their disgust, the FBI has been assigned to make good and sure no parent ever presents a "threat" to those in the schools that are doing this.

There are enough of "them" to infiltrate the schools with filth, all it takes is one prominent administrator to wreck the education for a city of 10,000 (a population percentage of 00.001) and when you consider the community doing this has about 8 million people in the U.S. the schools are easy to knock out. They'll get the job done. SO, to make it more clear without actually saying it: the privileged tribe has instructed the FBI to investigate ANYONE looking into the bergs, the steins, THE DAVIDS, (small hats) via Google so that's a fine heads up.

REMEMBER: This applies to Andriod devices using alt search engines, or ANYONE using Google's browser. REMEMBER: Duck Duck claims to not track you, but uses Google. Probably the best search engine out there not tied into what the FBI can demand answers from is Yandex, ignore the Russian and type in English, it will give you English results. Yandex is the only alt search engine as powerful as google and you get TOTALLY different results, if it is censored it is certainly not censored the same way.