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Author Topic: Out of the Box!  (Read 271 times)

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Out of the Box!
« on: Mon May 20, 2019 - 09:26:41 »
 ::group prayer::

I have a debate for you, what is really wrong? Go cook a barbecue, and try figure out where sin comes from.

I had a dream of Jesus - he were clothed in white, had blond hair, with brown - he had golden sandal, with golden belt. He took me out of a box, that had been a dark and stormy sea - about the same time period, as Flood by Jars of Clay. There was a dead body, hanging over the edge - and he was standing, in a white space. Have you heard the phrase, "Kill you," as pertaining to love? I decided, pride was real. Do you believe, that I woke up, thinking he was telling me about the rapture - and I said, "Just keep trying?" Who is to blame, when it comes to the denigration of the holy, and the absence of the second amendment in my country? Who is macstnz yahweh??? Are you divergent, my friend?