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Author Topic: ANGELIC ANGST  (Read 116 times)

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« on: Thu Jul 09, 2015 - 17:29:28 »
                 I am really not sure why I do myself this way.  Heart-ache and anguish is all I get from watching – no joy, or seldom, if ever.  There were times when we acted like they act over a football game.  Now we watch reluctantly, and are often repulsed.
                How did they lose their way?  How have they gotten so far off?  Their Guiding Star has not really faded or dimmed.  But, they follow some North Star to a cold, barren wasteland; or, they go chasing after a Southern Cross into the hopeless tumults of the deep’s chaos.  What is their problem?

                There have been hearts and voices among them that were prophets and poets.  The word was clear and the muse was strong.  But, they repeatedly have chosen those who pander and pervert.  They have witty pundits who are witless and they have politicos leading them into Hell.  They seem to have no ability to discern the difference – why?!

                And, they have voracious cravings that are never satisfied.  They go from one noxious venom to the next!  But, there is no appreciation for the holy.  There is no appetite for the sacred.  They are glutted on the mundane and profane.

                Maybe there’s hope for the little ones?  There is so much promise and potential!  But, they are ruining them.  Maybe they cannot help but distort them into their twisted psyches with dark hearts and empty souls?  I hurt for the little ones!

                He said that they were made “a little lower” than us?  They are so far beneath us!  There was a time, but no longer, when they thrilled us with their aspirations.  No longer.  We watch them.  We guard them.  We fight back the dark rebels.  (sigh)  They have no idea!  God, have mercy on them, please!

                I have to get my head back on straight!  I must go back to the throne room.  I can hear them singing!  My brothers uncontrollably chanting, “hallelujah, hallelujah…”  “holy, holy, holy…”

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