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Author Topic: Attitude Control  (Read 81 times)

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Attitude Control
« on: Thu Jan 21, 2016 - 18:45:19 »
God gave me this teaching and I thought I would share it here:

You might have heard the term “attitude control” in the news when referring to a plane crash – that the plane lost “attitude control” and crashed. In the world of aviation the term “attitude” refers to the direction in which you are pointed. 0 to 90 degrees is positive attitude while 0 to -90 degrees is a negative attitude, with 90 degrees being straight up, 0 degrees being perfectly level , and -90 degrees being straight down. There is a Godly principal in this idea as you will soon see.

If we replace the believer with an airplane, when we get saved we get our wings (faith) and take off. The engines are the Holy Spirit and the fuel is the written word of God. It is impossible to climb without POWER (the engines). If we try to climb and go higher in the things of God without POWER this is a stall and we will drop like a rock until we regain lift (our wings). As we fly the terrain beneath us is things of this world, our circumstances, and our problems, and the sky above is heaven. With a positive attitude our gaze is toward heaven, while with a negative attitude our gaze is toward the earth. If we have a negative attitude for too long we are in a dive and need to “pull up” or we are going to crash on our circumstances and problems. However if we keep a positive attitude we will go higher in the things of God. If we climb high enough the air becomes thin and a constant positive attitude is required for level flight. Also as we go higher heaven is revealed (the sky becomes black and you can see the stars and the curvature of the earth). The higher we go the smaller the world below gets . Eventually when we go high and fast enough we reach escape velocity and leave the earth realm and enter heaven (when God calls us home).

The unbeliever on the other hand must “hoof it” across the terrain (their circumstances and problems) under their own power, an arduous and dangerous task. They can't see things from heaven's perspective and rarely get a glimpse of anything except the next mountain (their problems); but our faith (wings) allows us to soar above our problems by God's power (lift) and not our own.

If there are dark clouds that block our view of the sun (Son) we can climb above them to where the sun (Son) is always shining.

So the moral of the story is if you want to go higher in the things of God take in the written word of God (fuel), maintain a positive attitude, and soon by the power of the Holy Spirit (the engines) you will begin to use your God-given wings (faith) and will start to climb.

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Attitude Control
« on: Thu Jan 21, 2016 - 18:45:19 »