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Author Topic: Do We Overflow?  (Read 80 times)

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Do We Overflow?
« on: Thu Feb 28, 2019 - 18:23:51 »
“Do We Overflow?”
By Zach Wood
Colossians 2:6-7 NLT
And now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord, you must continue to follow him.  Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.

We have all had experiences with something that overflows.  The kitchen sink or bathtub faucet is left unattended and, before we know it, we have a lake forming on the floor.  If you poor pop into a cup too fast, it ends up fizzing and overflows.  If a pipe gets clogged somewhere in a house, in a business building or in the street, there will be overflowing somewhere. 

Does this overflowing problem catch attention?  You bet it does!  People tend to move pretty fast and take notice when there’s an overflowing problem, no matter what or where it is.  It causes people to take action.  The action of overflowing draws attention.  It does not go unnoticed very long.  People are often affected by it, sometimes even dramatically. 

As I think of this concept and the attention it draws, I cannot help but think about our lives as Christians and the love of God that should overflows in our lives.  Are we drawing attention by the way we live our lives for God?  Are our lives filled with overflowing thankfulness for others to see?  If we are truly filled with God, we will overflow and won’t be able to contain what He has given us.  Our lives will naturally ooze His aroma of love and compassion.

I think we would all agree that we desire for our lives to overflow with thankfulness.  The life of Christ we have inside gives us every reason to overflow with constant thankfulness.  When we trust Christ each day and follow Him, our faith grows stronger and His love flows out of us to draw people to Him.  We want to draw the attention of others to Him through our love and actions. 

I want my daily life to overflow with God’s love and thankfulness for all He has done.  I’m ashamed to admit that often my attitude is not filled with thankfulness and that I’m not overflowing with God’s love.  I struggle with the selfishness and fleshly desire to please myself only.  I forget that my mission in life is to show His love at all times and not be self-centered. 

I hope we are all challenged to overflow with thankfulness so that others cannot help but be drawn to what overflows out of us.  May they be drawn to the Jesus Christ and all He has done in our lives. 

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Do We Overflow?
« on: Thu Feb 28, 2019 - 18:23:51 »

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Re: Do We Overflow?
« Reply #1 on: Tue Mar 05, 2019 - 12:53:17 »
I rec'd this about a week earlier. It ties in rather well with Mr. Woods comments. Coincidence? Maybe. :-).
 My only comment is that the love we have is not our love. It's given by God and meant for us to let flow to others. It's His love. We only dispense it for Him. I just thought with the timing, maybe it was to go with Mr. Woods thoughts.
 Blessings to you.
 Rec'd 2/22/19.
 Hebrews Chapter 1 contains a number of quotations from the Old Testament containing Messianic prophecies and descriptions.  The Hebrews passage for today is a quotation from Psalm 45.  The oil of gladness.  Jesus was anointed with the oil of gladness.  Some see a connection between the statement about the Son being anointed with the oil of gladness to be descriptive of Jesus' anointing with the Holy Spirit.

And then there is the passage from the end of Jude.  Jude is a letter that most of us probably have not spent much time in.  There is not much there.  Twenty-five verses.  I love the closing verses.  The great joy of verse 24 is the same word in the Greek that is translated gladness in Hebrews 1:9.

This is the same word translated joy in the enumeration of the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23.  God desires for you and me to know this joy.  Such joy is not a product of our circumstance, the outside influences that bear on our situation.  Rather, it comes from within from our relationship with God.  From our standing before the Father because we are in Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit lives in each of us.

Today, I invite you to take the cork out of your joy bottle.  Since joy in the Lord is not a product of our circumstance, but of our standing in Christ and of His presence in our hearts, let it flow today.  Today is a good day to allow the joy of the Lord to well up in you and to flow outward to others.  Let it flow like a river!

 Thank You Father for the joy that You give to me.  Let the Spirit of Christ Jesus so reign in my heart that the joy He brings will overflow to those around me.  Inform my outlook with Your joy.  Let the Holy Spirit so fill me that Your joy is upwelling in me.  May I honor You today Father because I walk in Your joy.  In the name of Jesus, may these things be true of me.