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Author Topic: GOLDEN DIRT ROAD  (Read 159 times)

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« on: Sat Jul 16, 2016 - 13:35:26 »
the golden dirt road

been to Walmart this morning after our "date" to McD's and Dirt Cheap, waiting for Melanie to grocery shop, looking through the $5 CD display -- found John Denver's Greatest Hits!  "... we have that, I think ..."  "... don't care; buying it ..."

now, I am jotting down a few thoughts at my laptop, as Melanie sings along with John in the kitchen, putting up the mark-down meat she found.  She knows the words to every song!  taking us back to the '70's ... Time is ticking away.  Nostalgia is such a powerful tug on the heart!  taking us back to when we were just dating...

ever seen "What Dreams May Come"?  in this movie, the afterlife is whatever you personally imagine it to be, different for each individual, depending on their earth-life experiences.  reminds me of a small-group Bible talk I did once, mentioning that, for me, Heaven would be BBQ and bluegrass music -- to which one dear sister, from a different ethnic background, retorted, "... sounds more like Hell, to me!"  we all just laughed.

But, I sit here, listening to Melanie and John harmonize, wondering what a dirt road looks like with golden gravel and dust?  "... take me home, country roads ..."  Look for me and Mel at the end of a golden dirt road, admiring the garden of God, sipping on some ice tea on our front porch ... remembering poems, prayers, and promises ... the sunshine makes me happy ...  now this is a real "rocky mountain high"! ...

thank you, Jesus, for the place you have prepared for me!
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