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Author Topic: Come just as you are...  (Read 157 times)

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Come just as you are...
« on: Mon Mar 26, 2018 - 09:55:30 »
So, there is something I suspect is happening with someone I love much. I think they are afraid to come to me and let me see this "thing"...and I had to ask myself, "self, if this thing is true...then what?  When its exposed, how then would you react."

Ugh. I *hate* those moments, but I am also glad for them at the same time...they've saved me many an overreaction or sinful reaction to something where grace is needed most, not my knee jerk..well...jerkiness. ::blushing::

At any rate...blabbing on here..sorry...immediately the lyrics "Come just as you are. Hear the Savior's call" convicted me.  If I was able to come to Christ just as I am, imperfect, impatient, full of my own immaturity, and in desperate need, and find in Him my rest due to His acceptance and love; am I being Christ to those who may need to unburden their hearts, or do they fear me because of my reactions?

That made me pause...and realize that I am probably not being as safe a place as I could be for those that I love.  My convictions and my desires for them line up with scripture, so I *could* dig in my heels and "grrrr" them to death, or I can quiet my spirit, remember the rest Christ gives me, though I have much maturing to do, and pray for them, all the while being the safest place they can fall as they wrestle and grow with God.

What's the answer then to the question I asked myself this morning?  I will cry...my heart will break...and I will grab them up in my arms and say, "This breaks my heart, but none the less, I love you still" and  ::pondering:: I also may tell them that I'm praying that God will be *relentless* in changing their hearts on the matter at hand. ::prayinghard::

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Come just as you are...
« on: Mon Mar 26, 2018 - 09:55:30 »